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Finding The Right Moving Company

Moving companies are not legally allowed to carry items or accessories under pressure, such as propane tanks, and fire extinguishers. They are also not allowed to transport several different types of household cleaners and chemicals. If you have any of the above items packed away in boxes, make sure you inform your mover. You do not want to delay deliver of your items or cause any harm to the movers or the truck.


Contacting Moving Companies

If you are moving into or out of an apartment building or complex, make sure the moving company you hire are experienced apartment movers. Moving into and out of an apartment may require different equipment such as dollies, masonite, and back boarding. Many times moving companies also need to fax a copy of their liability insurance to the apartment super or building manager. Having a moving company with experience with apartment moving will save time and prevent any unforeseen problems.

How many moving estimates should I get?

Contacting Moving Companies

Once you decide that you are going to use a moving company for your move, it is time to start calling for estimates and quotes. The more moving companies you contact the better, but try and get at least three estimates. You should not only compare price, but also your level of comfort with the moving company and the moving companies experience.

When you find a moving company that has a competitive price and you are comfortable with, make sure you ask if the company will be performing the actual move or if the job will be subcontracted out to another moving company or franchise.

What companies offer the best moving services?

Check With Smaller Local Moving Companies

Make sure you get moving quotes from a variety of moving companies, including large national moving companies and local mom-and-pop moving companies. Smaller local moving companies often offer better service by usually only having one job per day with the same moving crew. You will get more personalized service and more added services for less then you would with a larger national company and you will not be just be another number with a smaller company.

How long before my items arrive from across the country?

Remember Time Frames

A moving truck driver can only drive up to 500 miles a day or ten hours which ever comes first. If you are moving from the east cost to the west cost, remember it will take a minimum of at least six days for delivery. On the other hand, if you are moving within a 500 mile radius, your delivery can arrive in as little as one day. Make the proper arrangements ahead of time to be available for the delivery day. It is also a good idea to allow some flexibility around that day, in case the transport arrives a little quicker or takes a little longer.

What should I look for in the moving contract?

Signing a Contract With Movers

If you do have to sign a moving contract, make sure there is not a "no sue" clause in the fine print. A "no sue" clause would not allow you to sue the moving company for being un-timely with picking up and delivery of your items. You need to be in control of your items and know exactly when they will picked up and delivered. Read all the fine print in the contract.

What if my closing gets delayed and I need to stay in my home longer?

Flexibility On Moving Date

If you are considering using a moving company for your move, find out how flexible they are with the moving date. If you are trying to sell your home and move into a newly purchased home, many things can happen at the closing that may require you to speed up or delay your moving day. Speak with the moving company and find out what they offer or possible solutions if this happens. It is better to have all possible scenarios thought out then to have to scramble the day of your move for other solutions and methods.

Moving is often a chain of events in which you may need to wait for your new location to be empty before you move in. This requires you to rely on other people and may result in other scenarios.

How do I find a professional moving company with experience?

How Long Has The Moving Company Been In Business

Find out how long the moving company has been in business. You will want to hire a moving company that has been in business and has a lot of moving experience. With experience usually comes reputation, so ask around before you sign. If you are paying for professional movers, you want to receive experienced professional movers.

What time should my move begin?

Start Moving Early

After you choose a moving company and pin point the move-in date, make sure you ask what the start time is. You want your start time to be first thing in the morning, to allow you added time for unexpected situations. If your start time is any later in the day, most likely you are scheduled after another move.

If your move is not scheduled to be the moving companies first move of the day, you risk having to wait around for your movers to arrive and even have your move run overtime into the next day.

Moving is usually stressful enough, make sure your move is scheduled for early morning and will be completed that day, if it is a local move.

Should I sign a moving contract?

Be Wary Of Deposits And Contracts

Some moving companies require a moving contract and ask for a deposit prior to the move. If your moving company asks for a guarantee or deposit before the move begins, make sure you know exactly what you are signing. Find out about money-back guarantees, liability issues, insurance waivers.
The moving and relocation industry is a very competitive field, and most times you'll find a good company to do a good job based on their own merits rather then trying to lock in the job and force you to into a contract. But in some more metropolitan cities, like Boston, New York, and Chicago, moving contracts and/or deposits are normal due to the complexity of city living.

What if I can not get all the packing done by the time the movers arrive?

Last Minute Packing Charges For Residential Moving

When preparing for your move and packing up all your items and possessions, more often then not you run out of time. Find out from the moving company the costs for packing up any remaining items left unpacked when the movers arrive. You will want to know whether they charge per box or hourly for packing up your items. If you have a choice, it is better to pay for hourly packing. Movers can pack several boxes in an hour and the charge is usually substantially less if you pay per hour then per box.

What are some moving truck rental companies?

Renal Truck Companies

There are many moving truck companies of which you can rent a truck from. Which one you decide to go with depends on your needs and personal choice.

Upack movers drive your belongings to your destination after you have packed and loaded their truck. Upack also offers packing, loading and unloading assistance if needed. Upack is great for one-way moves.

Budget truck rental is another popular truck rental company. Budget has about 2500 locations from which you can reserve your moving truck.

Penske offers free unlimited mileage on one-way truck rentals in the United States.

Uhaul could be the best-known truck rental company in the United States. Uhaul offers both one-way truck rentals and round-trip rentals.

Ryder truck rentals are another popular rental truck company. Ryder does not offer one-way truck rentals; you must pick up and drop off the truck at the same location.

What are some things to look for when renting a cheaper truck?

Truck Rental Discounts- What to Look For?

You know from another tip that you can rent trucks during a specific time of the week or a specific season to save yourself some money on your rental. If you really want to find a cheap moving company that offers budget pricing all the time, you may want to look into local truck rental or moving companies in your area, but you should be looking for the following when renting any moving truck.

If you are working with a local budget moving company or rental company, make sure you check their credentials. You don't want to rent from a company without verified credentials.

Contact the Better Business Bureau concerning the truck rental company you are working with. Read the company's history if necessary and don't do business with a company that has a poor history with the BBB.

Get referrals from others. If you plan on using a local discount moving truck rental company, do your research; ask others what they know about the company before you make a final decision to rent from that company. Sometimes you get what you pay for.

Think about the truck you are renting. If you can get away with a smaller truck, try it- you will save yourself extra money by going with a smaller truck. Sometimes just using a smaller truck can help.

What size of trucks can be rented?

Types of Vehicles to Rent

When renting a moving truck you will have several options that will hopefully work for whatever type of move you are planning. The most popular types of trucks are as follows:

  • Cargo van: A cargo van is generally used for smaller moves, usually one to two rooms at a time. Cargo vans are about 310 cubic feet.
  • 10 foot moving truck: This truck is popular for moving one to two rooms like the cargo moving van but have about 380 cubic feet, which is bigger than the cargo moving van. You may want a 10 foot moving truck if you have bigger and bulkier items that may not fit in a moving van.
  • 16 foot moving truck: This size of truck works well for household moves involving three to four rooms. It has more than 800 cubic feet of space on the inside.
  • 24 foot moving truck: A 24 foot moving truck can move a five to eight room house and generally has almost 1400 cubic feet of space on the inside.
  • Rental trailer: A rental moving trailer will vary in size, but this type of rental is one that you will attach to the back of your vehicle to tow behind it. You will load your belongings into the trailer and then tow it to your destination. Rental trailers can be as large as 6 foot by 12 foot.
These vehicle types of course are not available with every truck rental company, but the majority of moving truck rentals will be similar in size to those listed above. Some rental companies will offer a truck larger than a 24 foot truck, but it may not have as much cubic space on the inside as a 24 foot rental with another company. You should do some research on truck sizes before making a final decision on what size of truck you will reserve.

How can I move my piano?

Move Your Piano

Moving a piano is a tricky thing to do, so it is best to leave that type of move up to a professional moving company. A piano is very heavy and very bulky when moved it should be done properly or you run the risk of damaging the piano or other things around it.

There are actually moving companies that will move your piano for you, many companies move piano's as the majority of their moving business. If you are moving yourself, you may want to consider finding a piano mover and getting an estimate to move that item separate of your others. A piano mover should offer free estimates just as full-service moving companies do.

If your move includes a piano, lots of steps or narrow hallways, please contact a professional piano mover to assist you in moving this item. A piano mover could save you lots of time trying to move one not to mention save you from possibly causing damage to something beautiful. You can do an Internet search for piano movers in your area, talk to friends for referrals or use your phone book to find a piano mover near you. Prices will vary according to location and time the piano move is.

What are some nationwide moving companies?

Nationwide Moving Companies

There are several national moving companies to choose from. Perhaps you have heard of the following major nationwide moving companies.

United Van Lines: United Van Lines is a nationwide moving company that was formed in 1928 and is the number one van line in market share and the only nationwide mover that has kept its original owners throughout the many years in business.

Allied Van Lines: Allied has over 75 years in nationwide moving and prides itself on being the oldest moving company in the United States.

Mayflower: Mayflower considers itself the most recognized name in moving and has been helping people move since 1927.

North American: North American Van Lines was established in 1933 and has more than 6000 drivers. North American offers shipment tracking so that you can keep track of where your goods are.

If you are interested in any of these nationwide moving companies, check out their websites and contact information. Each company will offer you a free estimate for your upcoming nationwide move.

How can I move my car?

Moving Your Car

People who move long distances often wonder about how to move an extra vehicle if no one is able to drive it for them. There are several choices one can look into when moving a car.

Open carrier: An open carrier is when your car is towed on an open car carrier, much like the ones you see on the interstate with new cars being towed. This option will have your car picked up at your home by a flat bed truck that will place your car on the open air carrier for transport. You will know dates and times when your car will be picked up or dropped off at your home. You can also choose to drop your car off at a terminal to place your car on an open carrier, which will be a bit cheaper than having your car picked up at your home.

Enclosed car carrier: If you have a classic car or a very expensive car and don't want to run the risk of your car being damaged in an open-air carrier, you may want to choose an enclosed car carrier. Your car will be transported on a trailer that is entirely enclosed and will protect your vehicle from nature. This will cost you more than an open-air carrier.

Drive away service: Your car will be driven from your home by a hired driver and driven directly to your new home in your new city by this person. The driver is a professional driver and most likely an employee of the company you have hired to transport your vehicle.

All of these services prices will depend on the company you choose to use and where you are moving. You can do a major search engine search for companies near you and to receive a free quote on the costs of each of these services. Utilizing a car mover for your long distance move is a good idea if you don't have a second person to drive an extra vehicle or if you must fly to your new location.

What is an international moving company?

International Moving Companies

Moving overseas? There are some things you should know before you make that move. International moving companies will move your household from one country to another- for a large fee of course.

There are many things to take into account when making an international move, things that you wouldn't have to worry about should your move just be within the United States.

  • International movers will most likely use a ship to transport your goods to another country if you are transporting your goods over the ocean.
  • An international moving company will have to take your belongings over another country's border and through customs.
  • An international moving company may also fly your belongings to another country, but will still need to deal with customs and border issues.
  • Flying your belongings to your overseas destination will be much more expensive than having it shipped, but you will get your belongings to your new home much more quickly.
When deciding on an international moving company you will want to check the company's credentials and check references. A company that doesn't offer references is a company you should think twice about. You may also want the international moving company to pack your belongings for you. It will cost extra but it may be worth it in the end. Your belongings will have a long way to travel by ship or by air, and many of your goods will be bounced around during this long time span. Having a professional pack your items may help save them from being damaged or destroyed in the move.

What is a do-it-yourself move?

Do It Yourself Moving Companies

Besides the choices of a full-service mover or a you-pack, they drive moving company, you may also choose from a do-it-yourself moving company. This type of move involves you renting a moving truck or van, packing all of your belongings yourself and then loading them into the truck and driving your things to your new home where you will then unload your belongings yourself.

This type of move is a very popular way to move because it is so much cheaper than a full-service move. If your budget is tight for your move, you may to consider doing it yourself. Yes, the work involved can be stressful and strenuous; the money you save may be worth it in the long run. If you like to be in control of where your furniture and other items are at all times, then a do-it-yourself move may be the type of move for you. With this type of move you are constantly with your belongings, they may never leave your sight; you have the control over when you can arrive to your location and when you will unload your things. You won't have this type of control with a full-service move.

If you want to save money and be in control of your entire move yourself, you may want to think about doing it all on your own- with a little help loading and unloading of course!

What is a full-service moving company?

Full-Service Movers

A full-service moving company is one that will come to your home, pack your belongings for you, load your belongings for you and then drive those belongings to your new home. You don't have to do anything if you don't want to. While this type of move may seem very stress-free, after all you don't have to pack, load or drive your belongings anywhere, it can be a bit of a stressful way to move, because you aren't in control of where your belongings are or when they will be arriving at your new home. Make sure you choose a full-service mover wisely, because they will have your entire household packed onto one of their moving trucks for a long distance move. A full-service moving company will give you an estimated date of arrival for your belongings at your new home. They could arrive before or they could arrive after that. You will also be charged for the weight of your items rather than how much space your things take up on the truck. You may be charged fees if the weight or your items changes.

Pick a mover that is a member of the local trade association as well as the Better Business Bureau. A local trade association will hold its members to a very high standard, which is a good thing. This association can also give you lots of information about the moving company itself, which can be helpful when deciding which national moving company works for you. As with all moving companies and types of moves available, you will want to get estimates from full-service movers as well.

What is a Upack move?

You Pack They Drive Moving Companies

Many people are choosing another option for moving their belongings to a new city or state, that option includes packing their own belongings and loading them into a moving truck or a storage container, then their items are driven by someone from the moving company drives their belongings to their new home where the items are unloaded by themselves and friends or family. This type of you-pack, they-drive mover is becoming increasingly popular due to the reasonable price when compared to full-service movers and self-service moving. Besides that, it is less stressful than driving your own belongings across the country or waiting on a full-service mover to deliver your things to your new home, which can sometimes take up to two weeks or longer.

A you-pack mover, such as, will deliver a trailer to your house and you will then have a specific number of days to load that trailer, typically three days. Once your trailer is loaded, a driver will arrive on a designated day to drive your goods to your new home. You will then have three days to unload the truck at your new home. You don't have to worry about driving a rental truck to your new home, you simply get to get in your own vehicle and drive with your family and friends to your destination. It is a pretty stress-free way to move.

A Upack mover takes the guesswork out of moving; with full-service movers you only know an estimate of time your belongings will be delivered. You could be at your home for some time before your furniture arrives. With a Upack move you will know when your items will be dropped off and you will be given time to unload. If you wanted, you could pay an additional fee to have assistance loading and unloading and even packing, or you can do those things yourself to save even more money. With a moving company such as this you are charged for how much space you take up in the trailer, not by weight.

Many companies such as this allow you to plan your move on their websites and get an estimate on how much space your items may take up on the truck, thus how much your move will cost, directly on the Internet. There is a reason this type of move is becoming so popular, it is a pretty stress-free way to move.

How can I compare moving companies?

Compare Moving Companies

You can compare what moving companies have to offer you, as far as full-service moves go, by finding a site on the Internet that will do a compare/contrast for you.

For example, if you do a search of "compare moving companies," you will find lots of sites that offer this type of service. Once you find a site that suits you, you will most likely need to input some information such as where you will be moving from and where you will be moving to. This information is needed in order to bring up different moving companies in your area that are available to move you. Now that you have a list of the different moving companies available to you, begin reading up on each company.

Once you have read over the information given, you can request free moving quotes directly online. A representative from the companies you choose will contact you with a time and a date to come to your home and give you an estimate.

It is very important to compare different moving companies before making a decision. Try getting as many estimates as possible before making a decision. Moving is a life-changing event and the right moving company can make all the difference in the world.

How can I find cheap moving companies?

Cheap Moving Companies

Searching for a cheap way to move, one that you don't have to do yourself? Do an Internet search for "cheap movers in _________" and fill in your city or town. This should bring up many websites that provide you with information about reasonably priced moving companies in your area.

Many local moving companies offer great discounts for people who use their services rather than choosing a larger or national moving company to move them. If you are hoping to find a cheap mover, call as many in your area and call some of the national movers to get estimates. All estimates will be done for free and should give you a general idea of how much the move will cost you. Not every local mover will be cheaper than a national mover, but it is a good idea to think about smaller moving companies when you are looking to move locally or nationally. You can find contact information for movers in your area through the phone book or on the Internet.


Last Minute Packing Charges For Residential Moving

Make sure you hire a residential moving company for your move if you are moving your home with all appliances and furniture. Moving companies specialize in moving different environments and you want to choose the appropriate moving company for you.


Find Out What Other Moving Services Are Offered

Moving companies often offer a different range of moving services and specialties. Before your begin contacting moving companies, sit down and make a list of moving services you may need for your home or office, such as express moving, piano movers, artwork packed, storage, rubbish removal, chandeliers removed, heavy duty machinery, and appliances. Find a mover that covers a majority of the moving services you will need to move your home.


How Long Has The Moving Company Been In Business

Make sure you ask the moving company about the experience of the movers they will be sending for your relocation. Having experienced professionals will help ensure that your items are packed and loaded safely and may even be quicker then non-experienced movers.

Can my mover remove my ceiling fans and chandeliers?

Find Out What Other Moving Services Are Offered

When you are speaking with moving companies, ask about what other moving services they may offer. It is better to find a moving company that handles a variety of services if needed then to have to hire a different company for any additional services you may require. It is always better to deal with one company for all your needs then to have to manage several.

What kind of moving company do I need for my move?

Types Of Moving Companies

The relocation industry is largely designed to cater to the needs of you and your family. You must first know what kind of moving assistance you require, before our begin contacting moving companies. There are moving companies that will do it all, while other movers only perform more specific aspects of the move. Think about exactly what you want from your movers before you contact them. This will help save everyone some time.

Moving companies are broken down into three categories:

*Full-Service Movers - are the most inclusive relocation option available to you. They handle every aspect of the move, from packing to loading to driving to unloading. They are professional and licensed and will offer you the opportunity to insure your belongings against the unforeseen event that something is damaged in route. What you pay for this service is more than made up for in the time; effort and stress, you and your family will be spared.

*Self-Service Moving - is a hybrid relocation option requiring you to handle the packing and loading/unloading while the company you hire handles the driving. This is the perfect service for small to medium interstate moves. Self-service moving is a convenient and cost-saving alternative to full-service and do-it-yourself movers which allows you and your family greater control over loading and packing your belongings while also allowing you to take advantage of experienced drivers to assist you.

*Do-It-Yourself Movers - Just as the name suggests, this relocation option requires you to handle every single aspect of your move, from planning, packing, loading, driving, renting the truck, planning your route, securing storage (if necessary), to unloading and unpacking. What you save in expenses is compensated for in the time and effort. However, if you have family and friends willing and able to help, this is a chance to save some money!

How do I find the right moving company?

Finding The Right Moving Company

When you are looking to find a moving company for your move, it is best to ask around and get referrals from people you know and trust. If you cannot get any recommendations, check the phonebook or yellow pages for a moving company that specializes in your specific needs or type of move.

Moving companies usually advertise their specialties as apartment movers, residential moving companies, commercial moving companies, grand pianos, pool tables, grandfather clocks, etc. Ask potential moving companies what their specialties are.

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