Types of Vehicles to Rent

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What size of trucks can be rented?

Types of Vehicles to Rent

When renting a moving truck you will have several options that will hopefully work for whatever type of move you are planning. The most popular types of trucks are as follows:

  • Cargo van: A cargo van is generally used for smaller moves, usually one to two rooms at a time. Cargo vans are about 310 cubic feet.
  • 10 foot moving truck: This truck is popular for moving one to two rooms like the cargo moving van but have about 380 cubic feet, which is bigger than the cargo moving van. You may want a 10 foot moving truck if you have bigger and bulkier items that may not fit in a moving van.
  • 16 foot moving truck: This size of truck works well for household moves involving three to four rooms. It has more than 800 cubic feet of space on the inside.
  • 24 foot moving truck: A 24 foot moving truck can move a five to eight room house and generally has almost 1400 cubic feet of space on the inside.
  • Rental trailer: A rental moving trailer will vary in size, but this type of rental is one that you will attach to the back of your vehicle to tow behind it. You will load your belongings into the trailer and then tow it to your destination. Rental trailers can be as large as 6 foot by 12 foot.
These vehicle types of course are not available with every truck rental company, but the majority of moving truck rentals will be similar in size to those listed above. Some rental companies will offer a truck larger than a 24 foot truck, but it may not have as much cubic space on the inside as a 24 foot rental with another company. You should do some research on truck sizes before making a final decision on what size of truck you will reserve.



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