Moving Your Car

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How can I move my car?

Moving Your Car

People who move long distances often wonder about how to move an extra vehicle if no one is able to drive it for them. There are several choices one can look into when moving a car.

Open carrier: An open carrier is when your car is towed on an open car carrier, much like the ones you see on the interstate with new cars being towed. This option will have your car picked up at your home by a flat bed truck that will place your car on the open air carrier for transport. You will know dates and times when your car will be picked up or dropped off at your home. You can also choose to drop your car off at a terminal to place your car on an open carrier, which will be a bit cheaper than having your car picked up at your home.

Enclosed car carrier: If you have a classic car or a very expensive car and don't want to run the risk of your car being damaged in an open-air carrier, you may want to choose an enclosed car carrier. Your car will be transported on a trailer that is entirely enclosed and will protect your vehicle from nature. This will cost you more than an open-air carrier.

Drive away service: Your car will be driven from your home by a hired driver and driven directly to your new home in your new city by this person. The driver is a professional driver and most likely an employee of the company you have hired to transport your vehicle.

All of these services prices will depend on the company you choose to use and where you are moving. You can do a major search engine search for companies near you and to receive a free quote on the costs of each of these services. Utilizing a car mover for your long distance move is a good idea if you don't have a second person to drive an extra vehicle or if you must fly to your new location.



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