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Cover Your EntranceWay Flooring

When moving, wrap banisters and railings in blankets or moving pads to prevent the banisters and railings from being damaged or damaging furniture or belonging as they pass by.

How can I keep my home clean on moving day?

Cover Your EntranceWay Flooring

On moving day, to help keep your new home clean during the move cover the entranceway flooring to prevent the movers from tracking dirt into your new home. If your entranceway is hardwood flooring, tape construction paper or butcher paper on the floor in the entrance of home. If you have carpeting in the entranceway, lay down moving pads or blankets on the rug. Make sure all the movers are aware of the paper or padding, as not to trip when entering or exiting your residence.

What should I keep and throw away during my move?

The Moving Rule - Give it Away or Throw it Away

When moving into a new location and deciding what goes and what stays, the rule is: If you have not used it in a year, either give it away or throw it away.

It is silly to pay someone to move something you don't use like old furniture, old magazines, clothes you don't fit into, and other items you have not touched in a year or more. If you haven't used it in the past year, chances are you will not use it again.

Remember that getting rid of items does not mean that you are getting rid of the memory.

Giving your unwanted possessions to the Salvation Army or a charity can also be used as a tax deduction.

What should I do with my dog while I move.

Confine Your Pets to One Room

It is a good idea to confine your pets to an already emptued room in your house or apartment during the move. If your pet is frenzied because of all the moving day activity, confine it somewhere away from the action. Movers should not have to worry about a biting dog or tripping over a cat, as they enter and exit the house.

If possible, have your pets out of the house during the move to create less stress for all.

What is the best way to prevent scratches in my hardwood floor, when moving?

Adhesive Felt for Furniture and Hardwood Floors

If you are moving into a new location with hardwood floors, it is a good idea to pick up adhesive felt from your local hardwood or home store to place under the feet of your furniture to avoid getting scratches in your new hardwood floors when the furniture shifts. Having felt pads under the legs of furniture also helps make furniture easier to move and slide, when needed.

What do I have to do before the movers pick up my car?

Tips For Relocating Your Automobile

Once you have found a company to move your automobile to your new location, you have to prepare your car for the move. The following tips will help make sure your vehicle will arrive at the destination location safely.
* Empty out all of your personal possessions and documents including those stored in the trunk of car. Many companies are not insured for damage or loss of personal goods.
* For larger RVs or mobile homes batten down the hatches and make sure everything is as secure as possible!
* Make sure you have enough antifreeze in the engine and that your battery is fixed in place.
* If your vehicle is going by transporter or trailer empty out most of your fuel. In some countries car transporters are weighed at checkpoints and they can be delayed or fined for being overweight. Losing a bit of fuel can be a real help!
* If you have customized your vehicle at all with special aerials, antennae, and spoilers, remove them or make sure they are secure for the move. You want to make your vehicle as streamlined as possible to avoid knocks and damage.
* Disable/Turn off your car alarm systems.

What is the final step of my move?

A Final Walk Through

Do a walk through at the end of the move to make sure everything is in place and either packed up, or left where you want it. It would be a shame if the movers left and you needed your 400 lb upright piano moved to the left three feet. It is better to take a few minutes and do walk through each room to make sure everything is there and where you want it for now.

How do I organize my move to make it easier for movers?

Color-Coded Moving

You can use different colored dot stickers to help identify what room each box goes to in the new location. At the new location, you can hang corresponding color balloons or paper outside the room where you want the color-coded boxes to be delivered.

When is the worst time to move?

Moving in the Summer Months

Summer months are the busiest months of the year for the moving industry. Moving during the summer months will be more difficult to schedule, as movers get booked up fast and early.

Beware that due to the "supply and demand", movers may raise prices, causing it to be more expensive to move during the summer. The same goes for the end of the month; this is when usually when more people are moving out and into new locations since leases often begin on the first of the month. It may cost you more and there could be unexpected delays.

What do I need to do for my move?

Make a Moving Checklist

When you decide to make a move to a new location, the first thing you should do is sit down and make a list of everything you can think of about the move including what to pack, what goes to storage, what will be thrown away, announcing your move, transferring utilities, moving with children and/or pets, floor plan of new location, choosing a mover, arrangements for any home repairs at new and old locations, moving truck rentals, garage sale, moving day helpers, and any thing else specific to your move.

Planning ahead will help you get everything you need done in a timely and efficient manner.

Where can I get discounted moving supplies?

Finding Supplies - Boxes and Packing Materials

When you are preparing for your move, consider visiting your local liquor stores and supermarkets for boxes. Since stores receive deliveries weekly, they constantly have boxes to be disposed of and more often then not would be happy to help you out by giving you all the boxes you need. You will also find as much newspaper as you need to help wrap and protect your fragile items at your town's recycling center.

Who do I need to inform of my move and new location?

Announcing Your Move

As soon as you know the address of your new location and your moving date, head over to your local post office and get a moving package. The post office offers a packet that includes a change of address form to transfer all your mail from your old address to your new address on the date you specify. This handy moving package also includes coupons and discounts from companies that can help your move go smoothly.

Make sure you also advise the following of your move and new location: family, friends, utility companies, credit card companies, banks, and magazine subscriptions.

What should I do when moving into a rental property?

Take Pictures of New and Old Rentals

If you are moving into a rental or leased property, make a list and take pictures of any damage found in your new home or rental, both before you move in and again when you move out. Having the evidence of any damage will help ensure your get your security money back and will not be blamed for any damage you did not cause.


Moving in the Summer Months

As you interview potential movers and get estimates, ask each mover for some of their own moving tips and "tricks of the trade" to help you prepare for your own move. Professional moving tips will help you to gets the ins and outs of packing, loading and moving in general.

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