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Will all my furniture fit into a rental van?

Compare the Measurements of Your Furniture With Van Rental

When you are looking into renting a moving van, make sure you rent a van that is tall enough to fit your large pieces of furniture. Some moving vans have a low profile and will not fit some of your larger pieces even if the pieces are put on their side. You will want to compare the measurements of the size of your largest piece of furniture with the size of rental vans available for rental to ensure all your furniture fits with out any hassle.

Is there any thing I can do to help the moving van ride better?

Check the Pressure of Your Tires

Make sure the van tires are inflated to the proper pressure. Even though it is a cargo van, it does not have the same suspension and support as a truck. This makes the tire pressure extremely important when carrying a loaded moving van.

What should I pack first into the moving van?

Packing the Moving Van

When you are packing the moving van, make sure to put all the larger items and furniture into the moving van first. It is easier to find room for boxes and smaller items then it is to find room for a couch.

Make sure that there is padding between the items in the moving van. Place blankets, pillow, and rugs in between large items on the moving van to help keep all the items tightly in place.

Can I rent a moving van for a few hours?

Renting Your Moving Van Hourly Or For Half Day

If you are renting a moving van, ask about their hourly and half-day pricing. Since you cannot fit that much into a moving van, try renting the moving van for a few hours each day rather then keeping your rental van overnight, when you are not using it. Many companies will give you the hourly or half-day option and you can rent the moving van only when you need it and then return it for the day.

Are there any blind spots on moving vans?

Moving Van Blind Spot

Be aware of the large blind spot on the drivers side of the cargo moving van. Moving cargo vans do not usually come with windows on that side of the van, and this gives the driver a blind spot to contend with. You want to do everything possible to avoid an accident with your rented moving van carrying all your possessions.


Rent a Moving Van With a Roof Rack

Before you leave the moving van rental agency, make sure you have all the appropriate paperwork including the rental agreement with the correct license plate number and accurate mileage on the odometer. Having the correct information before you leave the rental agency will help avoid being overcharged by having the wrong mileage, and they can accurately measure how far you have traveled.


Compare the Measurements of Your Furniture With Van Rental

Find out the gross vehicle weight from the company that rents the moving vans. You do not want to over pack the moving van and put to much pressure on the truck.


Packing the Moving Van

Ask the moving rentals company if they offer daily rentals of moving pads to help you cover furniture that will be moved in and out of the moving van and new location.

How can I get a discounted moving van rental?

Tips For Getting A Discounted Moving Van Rental

If you are looking to save money during your move or get a discounted moving van rental, try some of the following tips:

*Check the newspaper's For Hire section of the classifieds to locate a "man with a van" who can help move a few items with you. Many of these operations charge by the hour and will help with the lifting. Expect to do your share of the heavy labor unless you are unable, in which case you should inform the driver so he can arrange for assistance.

*If you are hiring a professional, it's a good idea to insure your belongings. Replacement of damaged belongings is bothersome, but possible with proper coverage.

*You should always be present when the moving truck is loaded. If you can't attend, make sure you arrange to have a representative there.

*You can also arrange for a professional loader to help only with the loading and/or unloading of your belongings in the event you are driving a rental truck yourself.

*Make sure you inspect all of your belongings closely and read the paperwork closely before you sign anything.

Are there any roads I am not allowed to drive on with my rented moving van?

Your Moving Rental Van is a Commerical Vehicle

Even though a rental van maybe the same size as a personal van, it is still considered a commercial vehicle. You must pay attention to the signs that do not allow commercial vehicles on certain roads and parking in specified locations. You must abide to the rules and restrictions on driving a commericial vehicle. Check with your moving company for a commercial vehicle driving guide and familiarize yourself with the rules and regulations of operating this vehicle on and off the road.

What should I know about driving a moving van?

Allow Extra Braking Room

Remember while you are driving your moving rental van, it is different from driving your regular automobile, especially when the van is packed with furniture and boxes. You have to allow for extra braking room when driving the moving van. Anticipate stops and allow a 3 second gap between you and the vehicle in front of you.

How can I stack items to save room in the rental van?

Rent a Moving Van With a Roof Rack

Check with the moving van rental agency to see if they offer moving vans with roof racks. Having a roof rack on the moving van will give you a little extra room to store some large items, such as bed frames and mattresses, that might otherwise take up all the room inside the moving van.

What is the next size vehicle after a moving van?

Compare Moving Van With a Box Truck

If you are looking into a renting a moving van and do not think that all your furniture and items will fit in the rental van, consider renting a small box truck. Box trucks are very similar to moving vans but offer a little bit more room and fit furniture easier then moving rental vans. Renting a box truck can also save you money in some cases. Weigh all your options and ask about a discount when you rent a moving van and box truck for the same project.

How do I keep the van organized to prevent things from moving while driving?

Don't Forget To Use The Sides

The sides of the moving van are great tools for keeping framed artwork and flat items straight and protected to the inside of the van wall. Make sure you bring bungee cords to keep the items in place and resist shifting. There will not be any loopholes to tie rope to, so bungee cords will be the best solution for keeping your items organized inside the van.

How do I tie items on roof tight so they wont blow away?

Strapping to Top of Moving Van

When strapping items to the top of the moving van, make sure everything in the front is tied down tight. You want to prevent air from getting under the items on the front of the roof and flipping them up. If air gets under the items the bungee and ropes will begin to loosen un-tie putting your possessions on the roof at risk of falling.

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