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What are some moving truck rental companies?

Renal Truck Companies

There are many moving truck companies of which you can rent a truck from. Which one you decide to go with depends on your needs and personal choice.

Upack movers drive your belongings to your destination after you have packed and loaded their truck. Upack also offers packing, loading and unloading assistance if needed. Upack is great for one-way moves.

Budget truck rental is another popular truck rental company. Budget has about 2500 locations from which you can reserve your moving truck.

Penske offers free unlimited mileage on one-way truck rentals in the United States.

Uhaul could be the best-known truck rental company in the United States. Uhaul offers both one-way truck rentals and round-trip rentals.

Ryder truck rentals are another popular rental truck company. Ryder does not offer one-way truck rentals; you must pick up and drop off the truck at the same location.

What size truck rental is right for me?

What Size Rental Truck Will I Need?

The size of the truck you rent should depend on the size of your household and how much you need transported. Many truck rental companies will go by the number of bedrooms you are moving. For example, if you have a three bedroom house you can choose from a 17 foot truck or a 24 foot truck (size will vary by company).

If your three bedroom house is very small and doesn't include a basement or shed, etc or more than one bathroom, you may be able to fit your belongings on a truck that is 16 or 17 feet. However, if you have three bedrooms, two bathrooms, a basement and a shed out back, you may want to look at a truck around 24 feet. It really all depends on what you are moving. If you have a lot of large items, such as a washer and dryer and a refrigerator along with your other household items, you won't want to reserve a truck that is small in size, because those big items will take up a lot of space.

The best way to determine what size of truck rental is best for you is to really take a long look at your belongings, maybe a make list of everything you must pack, and then check out different companies truck sizes and then make an informed decision before reserving your rental truck.

How do I rent a moving truck?

How to Rent a Moving Truck

Before you move you'll need to rent a moving truck. Are you confused about how to go about doing this?

First you will want to determine how big of a truck rental you need. Jot down all the rooms of your home and any large items that must be moved. Then compare that to the trucks that are offered for rent at each company you are considering.

Second, compare prices for as many companies as possible for the prices of the truck you wish to reserve. Which company offers you the best deal? Does the company offer extras for a minimal fee or are they charging you an outrageous amount for accessories?

Third, decide which company you wish to go with. Once you have done this you can either reserve the truck online through the company website, or you can call the customer service number given to you to reserve the truck you need.

You will need your credit card as payment and you will most likely be charged a reservation fee or a deposit, which with many companies is refunded when the truck is returned safely and in good shape after the move is complete.

What are some things to look for when renting a cheaper truck?

Truck Rental Discounts- What to Look For?

You know from another tip that you can rent trucks during a specific time of the week or a specific season to save yourself some money on your rental. If you really want to find a cheap moving company that offers budget pricing all the time, you may want to look into local truck rental or moving companies in your area, but you should be looking for the following when renting any moving truck.

If you are working with a local budget moving company or rental company, make sure you check their credentials. You don't want to rent from a company without verified credentials.

Contact the Better Business Bureau concerning the truck rental company you are working with. Read the company's history if necessary and don't do business with a company that has a poor history with the BBB.

Get referrals from others. If you plan on using a local discount moving truck rental company, do your research; ask others what they know about the company before you make a final decision to rent from that company. Sometimes you get what you pay for.

Think about the truck you are renting. If you can get away with a smaller truck, try it- you will save yourself extra money by going with a smaller truck. Sometimes just using a smaller truck can help.

What should I know about driving my truck long distance?

Driving Your Rental Truck Long Distance

Are you renting a moving truck with the intention of driving it a long distance? The following tips may help you when driving that rental truck and make it as smooth as possible.

  • Before driving, sit in the truck and get the feel of it, look around and check out all of its bells and whistles. Simply finding where everything is before embarking on a trip can make driving the truck much smoother.
  • Remember that trucks that are larger will make wider turns and take longer to stop. Take this into account when driving.
  • How tall your truck is, is an important thing to remember. Low clearances may affect you, as the truck may be too tall to fit under it. Knowing how tall the truck is before embarking on your journey can save a huge hassle.
  • Does your rental truck take diesel fuel or regular gas? If it takes diesel, make sure you know ahead of time some gas stations that carry diesel fuel of which you can stop at on your trip- not every gas station offers diesel fuel.
There are many other things to take into account when driving a rental truck, especially when driving one a long distance. Make sure you read all documents given to you ahead of time and make sure to have your trip well mapped out before you begin!

Are there other accessories I may need?

What Else You May Need

You may be asking yourself once you have your moving truck reserved, just what else you might need that can help make this move as smooth as possible.

If you are towing a moving truck trailer you may need a hitch for your vehicle. You can usually purchase these hitches and their accessories at the rental company in which you are renting the trailer.

You will definitely want a truck rental that has a lift attached to the truck. This makes for easy loading of items. You will also want a dolly for bringing large number of boxes or bigger items from your home to the truck.

Check with the rental company about any other items they recommend to make your move smoother.

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