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How can I find moving storage companies in my area?

Moving Storage Companies

There are many moving storage or mini-storage companies to choose from when considering a rental unit. You can often find them advertised throughout your city or town or you can use the Internet to find them for you. Many sites offer free storage quotes through their moving websites. By simply inputting your zip code and the radius in miles you need available storage, you should have several in your area to choose from.

If you don't want to use a moving website to locate a local storage company, you can always do an Internet search for "self storage in ________" and fill in your city or town. There should be many results for storage units in your area to contact.

What can be stored in self storage?

What Can be Stored in Self Storage?

Keep in mind when storing items in self storage that there are some things that you can store and others you can't. You can store the following things in self storage, as long as they are packed correctly and the temperature isn't too extreme that it may cause damage to your items.

  • Your computer may be stored in a self storage garage. Just make sure it is packed well and it doesn't get too hot or too cold.
  • Your furniture may be stored
  • Coats and clothing, as long as they are packaged in containers where nothing can get in them
  • Your bed frames and mattress
  • Your television or other household electronics
You may not store explosives or flammable items in most storage garages. You also will not want to put live things into storage, especially your pets.

What are the costs of self storage?

Self Storage Prices

Storage units charge fees for different things. Some storage companies will charge for the following, which will be included in your monthly rental fee. Remember that your storage unit will cost more for a larger unit than it would for a smaller one. Additional fees may be due to the following:

Climate controlled storage units will incur an additional fee. Climate controlled units bring peace of mind to the people renting them, not having to worry about their belongings being exposed to cold or heat, instead these things are stored in a perfect temperature year round. This peace of mind will cost you extra.

Some storage facilities will charge you and additional fee for accessing your items in your rental unit. This isn't a common occurrence, but some companies do tack on additional fees for visiting your storage rental more than a specific number of times each month. Read over your contract agreement carefully to check for any additional fees such as this.

Remember, just because a storage unit is advertising cheap rates, it doesn't always mean it is the best way to go for storing your items. The same goes with the most expensive storage company, paying more doesn't always mean you get the best. Do some research before deciding on what works for you.

What are some things I should know about self storage?

Self Storage Tips

Before you put your items into a self storage unit you will need to do a few things, just as you would if you were moving your items during a big move.

First, you will want to make a list of the things you will need to pack up your things to take to storage. You will need boxes, packing tape, rope and maybe something that will keep critters or smells away from your items.

You will then need to take a trip to your storage unit. Do some measurements if necessary and then sketch out where you may place things in the unit- should you be storing a lot of large items in your space. If you haven't reserved a unit in the storage center and are confused about what size will fit your needs, you can talk to the people who run the storage center, they can give you a good idea about what will work for you with the items you are storing.

Once you have your unit ready to go, you will want to store your items so they aren't on the floor of the storage unit. This is a good idea in case water was to seep into the storage garage, having things off the floor helps keep them from getting wet. It is also a good idea to purchase shelves at a local home store. You can keep boxes on the shelves, which will keep your self storage unit looking nicer. If you want further protection, cover your items with blankets to keep them from getting dusty.

Instead of boxes, use large plastic containers for storing any of your packable items. Boxes are easy for small creatures to enter; plastic containers with snap-on lids are pretty much impossible for small critters to enter- thus keeping your things safe from rodents.

Make sure to check on your storage items as often as possible, going at least one time a month, if not more. If something were to happen to your storage items and you rarely visit, you may have ruined items sitting in your garage for some time, items that may have been salvageable had you checked them more often.

What is self storage?

What is Self Storage?

A self storage unit can be two different things. If you rent a self storage space in a large storage unit, you will typically find what appears to look like a large garage. This large garage is then sectioned off, usually by concrete walls to the ceiling, and then large hanging garage doors are installed at the front of the unit. This type of storage is usually in a secured and gated area that you can access with a passkey or code. You can usually rent storage units ranging from the size of a closet to the size of a large room to store your items you no longer need or use. This type of self storage may be climate controlled, which usually costs more than a storage unit that isn't climate controlled.

Another type of self storage has been discussed before. It is a portable self storage unit that is brought to your home, you load it and then it is driven to a secure location where it is stored in a climate controlled warehouse until you need it.

Why do people use portable storage containers?

Why People Rent Portable Storage Containers

Why do people use portable storage containers? You may be surprised at the answers. Portable storage containers are used for the obvious reasons, such as putting things you may not need into storage for either a short period of time or an extended period of time. Portable storage containers are also great for moving small spaces to a new destination without going to the hassle of renting a moving truck.

Portable storage containers are also used in emergency situations when shelters or emergency workstations are needed, such as the aftermath of a hurricane or tornado. Companies who must store excess items that no longer fit in their warehouse or place of business also rent portable storage containers. Portable storage containers are so sturdy and durable that they are used for a wide variety of things.

What is a storage garage?

Renting a Storage Garage

Another way to store any items you may not need for your upcoming move or items that may not fit into your new home is to actually rent a storage garage. You can find storage garage rentals on the Internet, through billboard advertisements in your new city or the Yellow Pages in the phone book.

Renting a storage garage is easy; you simply contact the storage garage of your choice and pay them a deposit to rent the garage. Most moving storage garages charge a monthly rental fee depending on how large of a storage garage you need and the location of the garage. Once you have signed the necessary paperwork and paid any upfront fees, you will be given an access code that will allow you to get into the gated property. You will also either have a key code for your garage or an actual key that will open up your moving storage unit. Some storage garage's will ask you to rent the unit for a specific period of time and others will allow you to rent the garage on a month-to-month basis, allowing you to remove your belongings without any notice.

You will either be sent an invoice monthly to pay for your storage garage or you may be able to set up having the money automatically withdrawn from a bank account, it all depends on the storage unit and what the company prefers.

What is a portable storage container?

Portable Storage Containers

For many people making a move means putting things into storage, which often means loading up a moving truck with all of your items, driving the truck to your new home, unloading the items you need and then driving the truck to a rented storage garage and unloading items you won't be using for awhile into the storage garage. One way to save yourself a little extra work is to rent a portable storage container.

A portable storage container can be delivered to your home, it only takes up about the size of a regular parking space, where you can then load it with the items you want to put into storage. Once that is done, the portable storage container will then be driven (by someone other than yourself- someone who works for the portable storage company) to a secure storage center where your items will be stored until you need them. If you ever need to get your secure portable storage container you can call 24 hours before to have it made available to you. If you want it delivered to your new location, you would call and set up a date to have the storage container delivered to your new home. You may also choose to have your portable storage container stay where it is or sent to your new home without having to put it in a secure storage center.

Portable storage containers take out a lot of the work that comes with placing things into storage.

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