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How can I make relocating with my child a bit easier?

Relocating with Kids

Relocating with children can be difficult. It is hard enough as an adult to move away from a much loved home, a great neighborhood, schools and of course, friends! Imagine how difficult that move is for a child. If you are relocating to a new area and you have children, it is important to keep them involved in the entire moving process. Moving may be a huge adjustment for them and keeping a child involved may make the entire move more exciting for them.

Before you move make sure you have talked with your child about moving. He or she may not get a choice in the matter, but at least explain why you are moving and share some of the positives this move will give your family. Ask your child how she feels about moving and ask her to share any fears she may have, then ask her what she thinks may be exciting about relocating. Remind her as the moving process continues of the exciting things that she has to look forward to and help calm any fears she may have.

As you look for new homes in your new city or town, include your child in the home search. If she is old enough, bring her along and get her opinions. If she isn't old enough, take pictures and show them to her later. Show her the area you are looking at and any exciting activities there may be to do in that area. Drive by the school she might go to. Do as much as you can to get her acclimated to the area before even settling in to your new home.

While you pack or if the packing is done for you, ask your child if she wants to pack her own belongings or perhaps pack a special box filled with her favorite things to take on the move. Having her loved stuffed animals with her instead of on a moving truck may help calm any nerves. Encourage your child to say goodbye to close friends and to exchange emails (if acceptable) to keep in touch with friends she may be leaving.

After you move, encourage your child to make friends in the area. If you see families with children your child's age, make the first move and introduce yourself. Invite them over to play.

Relocating with children can be difficult. If a parent makes the their child feel special and involved with the process the entire time, that can help alleviate some of the difficulty involved.

What is a relocation package?

Relocation Package

A relocation package is sometimes offered by a company that has hired you for a new position in a new city or it is offered by a company you currently work for who is transferring you to another city to work. If you are lucky and the company you are working for offers a relocation package, the following may be included in your move to make moving a little less stressful.

Selling your home. If you have to sell your home to move, many companies will hire the realtor and put your house on the market. If your home doesn't sell in an allotted amount of time, your company may offer to buy the home from you without you losing any money on it. This type of buyout is actually beneficial to you if the real estate market in your area is slow.

Buying your new home. A company may pay for closing costs in your new home. If you are being relocated you may want to consider trying to negotiate this into your relocation package should it not be in there. It can save you thousands of dollars in out-of-pocket expenses.

Moving expenses. Many companies offer full moving expenses in relocation packages. This means you will not have to pay a dime to move your belongings- someone else may even come pack and load for you as well. Other companies may offer money towards a truck rental or Upack service to move.

These are just some of the perks of having a relocation package when moving for a career change or promotion. If a relocation package isn't included in your move, try to negotiate one that is beneficial to you and your family.

Do I need to switch my insurance?

Insurance Information

Even if your car insurance is with a national insurance company, you will need to find a local representative of that company in your new city and state. Many people have the misconception that they can continue with the same insurance agent if they are moving out of state, but that isn't quite accurate. If you are relocating you will need to switch agents, as laws and insurance prices vary from state-to-state.

You can find a new insurance agent in your new city or state by contacting your current insurance agency. The people at your current agent's office should be able to give you the names of agents that will work with you in your new city. It is important to contact your new insurance agent prior to your relocation, so that you can move to your new home with complete insurance coverage in that city and state. You may have to pay less or more on the same policy when moving to a new city, for example, South Carolina car insurance is more than Iowa car insurance (under some insurance plans) because Iowa has what is determined as safer drivers than South Carolina.

What you will pay for insurance will depend on your insurance agent and your location.

What is an apartment relocation rental?

Apartment Rental when Relocating

Many people who relocate to a new city opt to rent instead of buy a home or an apartment. The reasoning behind this is typically the move is short notice and there is no time to buy, or the people relocating want to first settle into their new city and make sure they like it before putting down roots and buying a home there.

If you are relocating to a new city and are looking to rent, you can still have a realtor help you with. Many companies offer corporate relocation packages and many of those will pay for you or your family to live in a rental unit for a specified period of time. Many companies work directly with apartment complexes to offer this type of deal and the company will share the information on how to rent an apartment as a corporate rental.

If you are relocating without company funds or relocating for a company who isn't working directly with a rental agency, you can either find a realtor who works with rental units or find rental properties on your own through an Internet search or websites that show apartment rentals in the area you are moving. Apartments that are rented for relocation purposes often come full furnished so you can place your furniture in storage while you settle in and look for a home. Most relocation rental apartments can be short-term or long-term, depending on what your needs are. You will need to speak to the apartment manager or rental agency to see what is offered at any apartments that interest you.

What is a salary comparison calculator?

Salary Comparison Calculator

If you are thinking of relocating to another city in your current state or in a different state and you want to see how much more or less you will need to make compared to your current salary in order to live comfortably, you may want to try a salary comparison calculator. You can do a simple search engine search for "salary comparison calculator" on the Internet to find this interesting information.

A salary comparison calculator will ask you to input your current salary in your current city and state and then input the city and state you are thinking of moving to. The calculator will then tell you how much more or less you need to live comfortably compared to the salary you were making. For example, if you are making $41,000 a year in Cedar Rapids, Iowa and are considering a move to Anderson, South Carolina, you will need to make $39,000 in Anderson to live similarly to how you live in Cedar Rapids. According to the salary comparison calculator you if you were making $41,000 a year in Cedar Rapids and are thinking of moving to San Diego, California, you will need to make $72,000 a year in San Diego to live comparably to how you did in Cedar Rapids.

A salary comparison calculator is a neat tool to try out if you are contemplating a move to another city. It can also help you negotiate a salary in a new city, simply state that you know you must make a specific amount of money in order to continue to live the lifestyle you had grown accustomed to in your old city.

What should I know about relocating with my pet?

Relocating with Pets

If you have a pet that you plan on bringing with you during a relocation move, you need to remember that you can't pack your pet up and ship it on the moving truck or van. Your pet will need to travel with you via whatever mode of transportation you are traveling. If you are expecting a long car ride and your pet doesn't travel well in the car, you may want to speak to your current veterinarian about giving your pet something to relax him.

If you are flying to your new home you will need to check your pet in with the airline and your pet will need to travel in a crate in an area where animals are placed. Again, you may wish to check with your current vet about any medication your pet may need to ensure a relaxing flight for all.

Traveling by truck or car with your pet? Make sure that you have your pet on a leash for all stops you must make, and remember- your pet will have to go, so make stops more frequent when traveling with your dog or cat.

Remember that regardless of how you are traveling with your pet to your new home, your pet needs proper identification, just in case he would be separated from you. The one thing you won't want to lose in your move is a treasured dog, cat or other pet.

What is a relocation checklist?

Relocating Checklist

Having a checklist when relocating can be helpful to prepare yourself for your upcoming move. You can find a relocation checklist on the Internet to print off and keep handy. Most checklists will have what to do before your move and the best time to do it.

About six weeks before your move you will want to get a written estimate on how much a moving company will charge to move you. If you aren't using a moving company, you will want something on paper from a self-moving or Upack company.

About one month before your relocation date, you will want to give notice that you are moving and cancellation dates for health clubs, YMCA memberships, and any utilities for your home to be shut off. You will also want to prepare your bank for transferring your funds should that be necessary. Don't forget to do a change of address form as well. You can do this either online or at your local post office.

About two weeks before you relocate you will confirm with the moving company your moving dates and times, make sure packing is almost complete and dump or donate anything you won't be taking with you. This helps de-clutter and keeps you from moving items you never use to your new home.

Typically a checklist such as this is much more detailed and informative. Try doing a search engine search for "relocation or moving checklist" to find one that works for you.

How can I find information on my new city?

Relocating Information

If you are moving to a new city you will probably want to learn as much as possible about that city beforehand. If you aren't sure whom to contact to receive relocation information, try starting with your new city's Chamber of Commerce. Do a search engine search on the Internet or find the Chamber's phone number in a phone book and call them. Request information on the city, ask about schools, restaurants, shopping and homes in the area. Many Chambers' have brochures and will mail them to you at your request.

If you are having trouble finding a Chamber of Commerce, ask the real estate agent you are working with. Real estate companies usually have a comprehensive list of information you will need when relocating to their city. If for some reason your realtor hasn't offered this type of information, ask her about it. She should be able to put together some information for you.

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