You Pack They Drive Moving Companies

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What is a Upack move?

You Pack They Drive Moving Companies

Many people are choosing another option for moving their belongings to a new city or state, that option includes packing their own belongings and loading them into a moving truck or a storage container, then their items are driven by someone from the moving company drives their belongings to their new home where the items are unloaded by themselves and friends or family. This type of you-pack, they-drive mover is becoming increasingly popular due to the reasonable price when compared to full-service movers and self-service moving. Besides that, it is less stressful than driving your own belongings across the country or waiting on a full-service mover to deliver your things to your new home, which can sometimes take up to two weeks or longer.

A you-pack mover, such as, will deliver a trailer to your house and you will then have a specific number of days to load that trailer, typically three days. Once your trailer is loaded, a driver will arrive on a designated day to drive your goods to your new home. You will then have three days to unload the truck at your new home. You don't have to worry about driving a rental truck to your new home, you simply get to get in your own vehicle and drive with your family and friends to your destination. It is a pretty stress-free way to move.

A Upack mover takes the guesswork out of moving; with full-service movers you only know an estimate of time your belongings will be delivered. You could be at your home for some time before your furniture arrives. With a Upack move you will know when your items will be dropped off and you will be given time to unload. If you wanted, you could pay an additional fee to have assistance loading and unloading and even packing, or you can do those things yourself to save even more money. With a moving company such as this you are charged for how much space you take up in the trailer, not by weight.

Many companies such as this allow you to plan your move on their websites and get an estimate on how much space your items may take up on the truck, thus how much your move will cost, directly on the Internet. There is a reason this type of move is becoming so popular, it is a pretty stress-free way to move.



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