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Getting Accurate Quotes

When scheduling your moving quotes, try not to schedule them on the same day. Spacing out your quotes will help you to digest and allow you more time to objectively compare your movers and their quotes.


Are your Professional Movers Professionals?

Be wary of cheap movers. Movers that can offer a very low price usually have a low overhead. This usually means that their movers are not as experienced, they many not be fully covered and insured, their equipment and trucks may be older and more likely to break down.

Should I go with the cheapest quote I get?

Are your Professional Movers Professionals?

If you are paying for a professional moving company to move you, make sure that they are professional movers and not hired day laborers. Many times moving companies hire additional workers per day to fill out the crew.

Professional movers are properly trained for moving. Professionals should take less time then day laborers because they know how to do things right with one try. Make sure you get what you pay for.

What do I need to get a tax deduction for my move?

Deduct Your Move From Your Taxes

Since your move is often tax deductible, make sure you get an appropriate receipt. You cannot use a moving quote and a cancelled check as a moving receipt.

Each state has a different bill of lading that is used as a receipt. Check the IRS website and your state's Department of Revenue website for a list of the necessary receipts and forms you'll need for the tax season.

How much should I tip each mover?

Is Gratuity Included?

Ask your movers how they prefer to be paid. You want to be prepared with the appropriate amount and method of payment at the specified time of payment.
Also find out if gratuity is included in your total fee, or if you're required to tip your movers individually. In some cases, a flat-rate gratuity is added to your contract and each mover gets a percentage of the total after the move. In other cases, movers are tipped individually after the move is complete. You can do this in a number of ways, including cash (approximately 10 percent of the move is considered appropriate) or offering to buy breakfast, lunch or dinner for full day moves.

Is it better to pay for weight or hours of the move?

Hourly vs. Weight

Movers have different ways of charging for their services. Make sure you know how you will be charged for your move, it is usually hourly or by weight of the move.

Paying the moving company for the hours worked is usually the preferred way. Since weight is more difficult to judge and measure.

If you are charged by weight, make sure you know the weight of the truck empty and then the weight of the truck filled with your stuff.

What should I ask when getting moving quotes?

Hidden Charges

Find out from your movers if there are any hidden charges, like mileage fees, when getting estimates and quotes. Many times movers charge extra for stairs, wardrobe boxes, moving pads, tape, etc. You will want to use a mover who will not sneak in any additional charges and will be upfront with the price. It is also important to know all the additional charges that you may incur when evaluating potential movers.

Will all my movers speak english?

Language Barriers With Movers

Moving day is a very stressful day. It is very important to be able to communicate with the moving crew. Make sure you know prior to the move if the moving crew speaks your native language. Often you need to direct the crew and ask questions about your items. Having a language barrier will only make your day more stressful.

How many minimum hours is normal for a moving company to charge?

Minimum Charge Or Minimum Hours

When getting your moving quote or estimate, ask if there is a minimum amount of hours or a minimum charge for the move. You do not want to use a mover with a minimum charge of five hours, if your move will only take three hours. Try to find a moving company that will provide you want you need for your move.

It is better to find a mover that will charge you for the hours they work rather then for a minimum amount of hours that they are not working for you. You only want to pay for what you use.

How can I get the most accurate quote for my move?

Getting Accurate Quotes

Do not accept a quote over the phone. Have the mover come to your home and see what you have to be moved to the new location. The more information the mover has up front the more accurate the quote will be.

How should I pay the movers?

Required Method of Payment

Ask your movers how they prefer to be paid. You want to be prepared with the appropriate amount and method of payment at the specified time of payment. Movers often ask for payment before your belongings are moved off the moving truck. You will want to be prepared to pay the mover for services, so your possession can be unloaded.

How do I select a moving company?

Rank Your Moving Quotes

When you are getting your estimates from potential movers, be sure to write down any comments you have on the mover or the moving company. As you are getting estimates from all potential movers, rank them according to qualifications and potential. It is best to do this while the moving companies are fresh in your mind.

How can I be sure the person who handles the move knows all I explained during the quote?

Getting Your Concerns Heard

Ask the person from the moving company giving you the quote or estimate if they will be present during your move. You will have more continuity if the person you explain your move to and get the quote from is present during the move.

You may have up to four contact people for one company; the person who gives quotes, the owner who usually sets up movers for the job, the secretary who answer all your calls and a foreman to oversee the actual move. With so many people involved in your move, your concerns can be lost between the communications of many different people. Ask for one point of contact, so you will not have to catch everyone up to where you are in your move.

How can I get a feel of how the mover I chose operate?

Ask Potential Movers For References

When you are gathering moving quotes and estimates, make sure to get professional references from potential movers. When you are able to speak to a movers past clients, if helps you to determine the movers mode of operation. Be sure to ask specific questions about the clients move to get the most accurate information.

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