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Cost Effective Long Distance Movers

Have your long distance mover's guarantee the date and time of arrival of your long distance move to the new location. It is a good idea to ask your long distance movers to provide you with two time slots, one being the anticipated time of arrival and the other factoring in unforeseen difficulties such as weather, traffic, flat tires, etc.

What licenses does my mover need to move me out of state?

Essential Mover's Compliance Numbers

If you are moving long distance or to another state, make sure the long distance moving company you choose has an: ICC number, MC number and US DOT number.
If you are moving to another location within the same state, the moving company should have a P.U.C. license. These are numbers given by the federal government to assure moving trucks observe guidelines and safety regulations when crossing state borders.

Ask your mover if they have all the proper paperwork and licenses for your move, so there will be no delays with your possessions arriving safely to your new destination.

Call the Better Business Bureau (BBB) to help you evaluate the moving companies reputation and to check if there are any complaints placed about the moving company you are considering.

Please note: Laws regarding moving licenses that moving companies must have are different between states. The moving licenses ICC, MC, US DOT and PUC are general moving licenses for moving companies and may vary state to state.

What is the cheapest way to move cross country?

Cost Effective Long Distance Movers

When researching moving companies, you will usually find the most cost effective way to move your possessions out of state is to get a large national company to do the move for you.

Larger moving companies may have cheaper prices because they usually combine moves by putting a few loads on the same truck. The more loads on the truck the more people to help absorb the cost of fuel and travel time.

The downside of using a larger moving company to transport your items long distance is that since there are several loads on the same truck, delivery to your new location may take up to a month in travel time, and some items may get mixed up with other loads, so mark your boxes properly.

Can my local moving company relocate me to another state?

Call Local Movers About Relocation

Call your local movers to both your original location and the one you are moving to for estimates. Your local movers may have a job they can pick up on the way back from your move, and that can yield a substantial savings.

It is also a good idea to start building a relationship with a moving company in your area to help you with any additional moving/storage needs. Local movers usually offer more personalized service then larger moving companies.

What other options do I have besides using long distance movers?

Alternative to Long Distance Movers

Look into the cost of hiring a freight company for your long distance relocation. Freight companies can drop a container off to your residence, you fill the container and when you are done, they pick it up and deliver it to the specified location nationwide and you unload your own container.

When you are researching moving companies for your long distance move, you will find the biggest discounts, best services and guarantees come from nationwide movers, when they pack for you. Compare costs between long distance movers and freight companies, but go with the one you are most comfortable with.

Can I rent a truck myself and drive it one way?

One Way Relocation

If you are planning on renting your own truck to do your long distance relocation, be prepared to either pay more for driving the truck one way, or prepare to drive the truck back to original location yourself. One way moves can often cost just as much, if not more, as hired movers.

How can I make sure I get everything from one location to another?

Label, Number, And Itemize Boxes Properly

Labeling your boxes properly is one of the most important details of long distance relocation. Make sure you print your name, contents of the box, and number all boxes, so you can confirm you have received all boxes, and you can identify if any box is missing upon delivery. Have your moving company give you an itemized inventory sheet of all your items on the truck.

Make sure you have your reference number when calling the long distance relocation company for questions or concerns. You will also be asked to sign the bill of lading and pack/unpack certificate, when the move is finished. Speak with your relocation representative about problems or concerns before they leave your new location. This will help ensure all your possessions make the relocation.

If you are using a larger moving company your items maybe put in and out of a warehouse on there way to you and they will most likely be put on a truck with other movers loads. The better labeled your boxes and items are the better your chances of getting everything that belongs to you.

Related Tip: By signing the inventory sheet after your move, you acknowledge receipt of all items listed on the inventory sheet. Make sure you document any loss or damage on the inventory sheet and report this to the relocation company, immediately.

Are my items insured during the whole move?

NationWide Movers Insurance

Make sure your long distance movers' insurance is valid in the state you originate the move from, all the states you travel through and your destination location.

Most insurance companies only cover moves under 500 miles away. You want to guarantee that your possessions are safe and insured during the entire length of the move.

How do I stay in contact with the moving truck driver?

Coordinate With The Professional Mover

You want to make sure you are at your new home when the movers arrive. If you arrive late, you will most likely need to pay for the movers waiting time. Before the truck leaves your driveway, exchange cell phone numbers with the driver, so you can stay in touch in case either one is delayed. It is a good idea to plan for the unexpected by making backup plans, such as arranging for someone else to greet the movers.

How do I keep my fragile items from breaking when traveling during my move?

Bubble Wrap Your Fragile Items

When moving long distance, consider using bubble wrap instead of packing paper when packing boxes. Bubble wrap is more expensive but extremely beneficial when packing boxes for long distance moves. The bubble wrap will help keep your fragile items safe from bouncing, handling, and hopefully breaking.

You can purchase bubble wrap at most home goods stores or in some cases through your local post office. Also, check with your moving company about purchasing bubble wrap. In some cases, moving companies will supply you with boxes, tape, and bubble wrap for a fee.

How should I begin my move to a new country?

International Moving

Moving internationally may be one of the most exciting things you will do in your life. Along with this excitement, comes a lot of planning, preparing, change, and consideration.

The smartest way to handle moving internationally is to use a professional international mover. Movers with experience moving internationally will be your biggest asset, and able to walk you through every detail of your move.

Depending on the location of your new home, many of your current appliances may not work in your new location or may need adapters, since the voltage may be different. Look into storing or selling many of your appliances to lighten your move internationally and ensure working appliances.

Ask you mover for an international moving guide. Moving internationally may be a cultural shock and includes many details such as getting an international drivers license, international shipping charges, customs, currency change, foreign languages and lots more. Find as much information as possible about moving specifically to your new country.


Alternative to Long Distance Movers

Hiring nationwide movers to handle the whole move from packing to delivery will make the move less stressful for you and will offer you better guarantees that your items make it to your new location safely.

We have an oversized oil painting we would like to ship from Utah to Michigan. The painting is worth about $20,000. What is the cheapest safest shipping option for something like this?

Shipping Expensive Artwork

If you have an expensive piece of artwork that needs to be shipped or transported to a new location, you will want to make sure this precious item ships to its new location safely. It will be in your best interest to find a mover or shipping company that understands the value of your art. Using a professional moving company or shipping company will be a little more expensive but well worth it to protect your investment. Make sure you are very clear about the value of the art and ask about insurance on your package. You will want to make sure if anything happens to the art, it is insured for the entire appraised value of the piece.

*Make sure the art is package securely in bubble wrap. If the piece has recently been painted, cleaned, or refinished you will want to make sure it is completely dry, so you will not get any imprints from the bubble wrap on your work of art.

*It is a good investment to purchase a wood crate to ship and store your artwork in. Depending on the size of the piece of art, you may need to have one custom built to ensure the art fits properly and can be packaged well to protect your piece of art.

*Make sure everyone who will be handling the artwork understands and knows the value of the art. If the movers/shippers know the contents and the value of the package, they will be more likely to careful to protect it.

I am moving cross country, what should I ask my new landlord?

Find Out What Days Moving Is Allowed

If you are moving into a building, co-op, apartment complex, or any type of private community, make sure you ask what day moving and deliveries are allowed and arrange for your mover to come at that time.

You do not want your mover to drive cross country and show up on a Sunday and not be able to move your stuff in. You also do not want to upset your new neighbors the day you meet them.

In order to avoid additional charges during the interstate move, you must:

*Know the layout of your new community or apartment complex.
*Know if the area will accommodate huge 18-wheelers.
*Know the building restrictions beforehand.
*Know about walkway/elevator access.

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