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Maximizing Pod Space

Relocubes are essentially moving containers for storage and transportation of residential or commercial boxes and items. Make sure the moving container is tightly packed and all items are secured. Fill any voids or spaces in the moving container with cardboard, pillows, towels, blankets, or paper, so that there will be less movement inside moving container and everything will be firmly in place.


Budgeted Storage And Moving

Moving containers can be delivered anywhere you would like and then delivered across town or across the country, from coast to coast. U-Pack relocubes are a great moving solution, because only you have the key and you will not run the risk of having your items mixed up with the loads of other movers.


Packing Fragile Items In The Pod

When you are packing up your storage containers with items and boxes, make sure the cargo is not near the track of the storage containers door. These storage containers have rolling doors that should be able to open and close with ease. Do your best to avoid getting your items caught in the rolling door.


Loading Pod

It is good idea to wrap all of your furniture and upholstered items in shrink-wrap in case the moving storage container leaks or gets moisture in it. You want to make sure your furniture is clean, dry, and well protected while being stored or transported in the moving storage container.


Pod Location And Direction

Have the portable storage placed as close to your house as you are comfortable with, but remember that you can usually keep the moving container for up to a month. The portable storage container should also be kept level at all times to prevent your goods from shifting, falling, and damage getting on and off the truck.

What is a pod and should I use it for my upcoming move?

Pods - Portable On-Demand Storage

Pods (portable on-demand storage) are a moving and storage system that allows you to drop off, pick up, and transport your stuff virtually anywhere you want. It can be used as a moving truck and storage unit all in one.

Pods are a great alternative to renting a moving truck and/or storage for your upcoming move for the following reasons:

*They alleviate some of the legwork by physically transporting your "stuff" from one location to the other.

*You don't have to drive a massive moving or renting truck around town, maneuver it into tight spaces, back it up into your driveway, and fill it up with gas when you're done.

*The pods themselves remain at ground level for easy loading and unloading.

*You are not on any time constraints, so there are no "late fees" or "overage charges" for taking longer than you thought. You usually have up to a month to load and unload at your leisure.

*Only you have a key to your pod which means you are always in full control of your possessions.

*They are very cost-effective.

How can I move on a tight budget?

Budgeted Storage And Moving

If you are on a tight moving and/or storage budget, moving pods may be the solution for you. The cost to rent a moving pod is one set fee for transportation from one zip code to another with up to a month loading time. The price you receive will be the exact price you pay, unless you need addition time or coverage.

How do I keep my metal objects from rusting while in storage?

Storing Metal Objects

If you are planning on storing any metal objects in your storage or storage pod, like lawnmowers or file cabinets, it is a good idea to treat them with rust protector first, or at least wipe them down with an oily rag. You do not want to pay to store your items and end up with rusty objects when you move them out.

What is the best way to pack the moving pods?

Loading Pod

When you are loading your moving storage pod, pack furniture first and use the furniture as your base. It is easier to add boxes into a pod then it is to add furniture to a pod, once it is packed. Make sure to get all the big, heavy items in first and then pack the lighter items on top of them.

How do I prevent smell from building up in my moving pod?

Sealing Your Pod

Before sealing your pod, remember you are the only one with a key for the pod. Make sure everything is tightly packed, clean, and dry. Since the container will be sealed until the next time you open it, you want to avoid mold and mildrew on your items.

Consider leaving an open box of baking soda in the pod to absorb any odors that may form inside pod.

Where can I find help to load my moving pod?

Man Power For Packing Your Pod

If you are concerned with having to pack, load, unpack, and unload your moving pod, contact a local moving company and ask them to send over some packers and/or movers to help pack and/or load your moving pod. You'll have to pay for the service, and each company charges differently, but it could save you time and injury. Hiring professional packers is another way to ensure that your belongings won't get damaged during packing and loading onto the moving pod. Ask the moving/packing company about insurance and damage liability.

How can I insure the items placed in my moving pod?

Content Protection Package

If you have items in your moving pod that you would like to insure from any unforeseen damage, ask your moving pod company about the content protection package. For an additional monthly fee, you can have the contents of your package insured from any damage that may incur during shipping or storage. Items in storage are rarely covered under your home insurance policy.

What is the best way to pack pod?

Maximizing Pod Space

Pods are rented by size. If you need more storage room you can always rent additional pods, but first try and maximize the space in the pod.

*Breakdown everything as far as possible, take legs off of kitchen and dining room tables
*Take bed frames completely apart
*Face bookshelves and armoires out, so you can fill shelves with other boxes and items
*Keep dresser draws packed

Where should I keep my portable storage container?

Pod Location And Direction

When you have your pod delivered, make sure to have the door of the portable storage pod facing the nearest exit of your house, so it is a direct walk to the pod with your boxes and items and you will not have to walk around to load the storage container.

Can I keep the pod in my driveway for months?

Pod Permission From Your Town

If you are planning on leaving your moving pod in your driveway for a few days, weeks or months, while you pack up your house and load the portable storage unit, call your town and make sure that you do not need any special permits to leave a storage container in front of your house or apartment, in your driveway, or in your yard.

You do not want to use the money you saved using the portable storage container to pay for any fines your town may impose.

How can I protect my fragile items from breaking broken in my storage container?

Packing Fragile Items In The Pod

When you are packing up your moving pod, all flat items that are fragile and risk breakage such as mirrors, framed pictures, and glass shelves should be tied to the walls. Never put these items in the middle of the pod or mixed in with the load. You want to put as little stress upon them to prevent breakage.

Where can I store items from my house while renovating?

Pods For More Than Moving

Moving pods can be used for more than just moving. Pods can be a simple solution to many other home needs such as home renovation, painting, collecting, storing un-used items, and more.

If you are planning on doing work on the interior of your house, condo, or apartment, call for pricing on a pod. Pod companies usually offer next day delivery and allow you to leisurely pack items, while performing home renovations.

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