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Moving Lampshades

When you are preparing for self moving, make sure to lay down a blanket or moving pad on the bottom of the moving truck or van. This will prevent your items from getting dirty and damaged in the truck. This is most important when you place items that are not in boxes such as mattresses and couches into the moving truck.


Avoid Peak Seasons

Save money as a do it yourself mover without completely losing the expertise of an experienced moving company. Get online and browse the moving services offered on different sites. You may pick up a tip or two that you otherwise would not know!


Pack Your Breakables First

Do it yourself moving may not be the best option for you if you have a lot of valuables, antiques, unique artwork, and expensive items. If you decide to move yourself and something breaks or is damaged during the move, the item will most likely not be insured or covered.

How can I pack and transport lampshades to a new location?

Moving Lampshades

If you are planning to move yourself, you are most likely going to be renting a self moving rental truck, borrowing a friends' truck or using your own car or truck for several trips. No matter what the scenario, space is usually of the essence. Instead of packing lampshades in a box and taking up valuable room for designated for furniture and boxes. Put lampshades in the front seat of your car to save room and to keep these delicate items from getting crushed or damaged.

How can I remove stickiness left from packing tape?

Removing Sticky Residue After Moving

Sometimes during the rush of packing and moving and the heat of being inside a moving truck, tape can get grimey and sticky on items. When you are unpacking, if you discover sticky residue left on your items from tape and other adhesive products, you can use mineral oil, baby oil, meths oil, eucalyptus oil, or goop remover to remover the residue.

How do I move my glass table top?

Moving Glass And Mirrors

If you are moving glass or mirrors, use thick tape and make a big "X" across mirrors and picture glass, so that if the glass should accidentally be broken during the move there will be less glass to clean up.

How can I make sure I get the parking spot in front of my house?

Reserve Your Parking Spot

The day before the big moving day, park your car or put cones in the spot in front of your house to reserve the spot for your moving day. You want to be able to park the rental truck or your car as close to the door as possible, so you do not have to carry your furniture and boxes far.

If you live in a large city, check with your local City Hall office and obtain a moving van permit for your move day. Having a moving van permit will allow you to park or load and unload in spaces saved for construction vehicles only.

What kind of shoes should I wear when moving?

Wear Proper Shoes When Moving

It is a good idea to wear work boots with reinforced toes instead of sneakers, when moving heavy items such as furniture and appliances. Work boots will help protect your feet if something was to drop and land on your feet.

peak season moving costs more

Avoid Peak Seasons

To help combat the costs of household goods shipment it helps to avoid scheduling moves during the peak seasons. From mid-May through late-September, demand increases and costs follow. In addition, the likelihood of damage increases as movers rush to meet deadlines.

What is the correct wat of carrying when moving?

Proper Method of Carrying

Since you have decided to move yourself, this means you will have to carry everything out of your old location and into your new location. The correct way of carrying is to lift the object above your waist. This will give you more control over the item; prevent you from banging into walls, and the knocking items against your thighs.

What is the best way to communicate with my helpers when moving?

Communication With Moving Helpers

When you are carrying furniture with another helper, it is very important to give explicit directions of which way to move. When there are two people carrying the same very heavy object it is critical to have good communication and clearly defined direction of movement. Your helpers are not mind readers; clear explain which way you want them to go.

Who should I have help with my move?

Have Motivated Hard Working Helpers

When moving day comes, make sure your “helpers” are willing to work. Anyone standing around or giving directions will just be in the way. You want motivated hard workers to help you get the job done.

Make sure your keep plenty of refreshments on hand. If you decide to serve beer or alcohol, wait till the driving and lifting is over.

What should I load onto the truck last?

Load Rugs Last

Be sure to load rugs, area rugs/carpet and any other flooring last onto the moving truck. These are the first items to be placed down in the new location so it's a good idea to have them near the front of the truck for initial unloading. This is very important; otherwise you will have to empty the room, just to lay down the carpeting.

How do I transport my plants during the move?

Moving Your Household Plants

If you are planning on moving your household plants with you to the new location, do not water plants for a few days before the move. This will allow the dirt to dry a little and be less messy when moving. It is easy to clean spilt dirt then it is to clean up mud.

Put plants into a large open box, so if they tip over the dirt will spill into box and not your car or truck. If you do not think your plants will survive the move, find a good home for them offer then to friends, neighbors, or the new residence of your home.

What is the best way to move a sofabed myself?

Tape Up Your Sofa Bed

If you are planning on moving your sofa bed, be sure to tape or tie the handles of the couch and the sofa bed. You do not want the sofa bed popping open when you are moving it.

How can I prevent my moving helpers from getting lost?

Give Directions

On moving day, you do not want to waste any time having your helpers driving around lost. Be sure that everyone driving has a copy of the directions to you new location and any other places they will be driving to such as storage and the truck rental agency. You may also want to provide a few sets of directions, including to and from the new location, if they will be driving back and forth.

How should I start my self move?

Pack Your Breakables First

If you decide to move yourself without professional moving help, the trick is to start early and stay organized. You will want to begin packing as soon as you know you will be moving. Start by packing up all the breakages and getting them out of the way first.

If you hire a professional mover, and any of your items are damaged or broken, they are insured by the movers. The cost of moving yourself may be a lot more then the money you save if anything gets damaged.

My attic is very hot. How do I pack up my attic?

Empty the Attic

If you have an attic that needs to be packed and emptied for your move, do it in the evening. Attics tend to get extremely hot during the day in the summer months. It is a good idea to most of the work in the evening when it is cooler.

You can always start packing and moving the attic to a lower level in the house, so that you do not have to carry stuff down all the levels on the actual move day.

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