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What can I pack my home office items in?

File Moving Boxes

When you have a home office or lots of stored files to move, consider purchasing boxes made especially for moving files and other home office items. File moving boxes are 16"x12.5"x10" and have an attached lid that lifts up easily. You don't even have to tape these boxes closed, unless you choose to, but most file boxes come with fold and lock tabs to make it easy to secure your home office paperwork. You simply place your file folders in the box, shut the lid, and lock!

You must assemble these boxes once they arrive in the mail as they are shipped flat or purchased flat from a store. You can usually buy these boxes in bulk, typically coming 12 to a pack and generally costing a bit less than $40.

What is a Frame Moving Box?

Frame Moving Boxes

Moving your large pictures or art work can be difficult because of their awkward size, not to mention the worry it can create regarding breaking the glass frame or doing damage to a beloved picture. If you are moving many framed items, consider using moving boxes just for pictures, or frame-moving boxes.

You can purchase five frame-moving boxes for about $35, each box can usually hold between two to three pictures or a mirror. You should wrap your items in bubble wrap and taping with packing tape before placing in the box. If you have a very bulky framed item or mirror, pack it separately in a frame moving box to ensure no damage is done to it or other items packed with it.

Talk to your moving company or order these boxes online today.

What is a moving box kit?

Moving Box Kits

If you don't feel like ordering several boxes of the same size for a big price, you may want to check out moving box kits which would allow you to order a large number of the same sized boxes for a cheaper price than ordering several individually.

You can check many of the major moving company websites or moving truck rental companies for moving box kits. Generally a box kit has a group of medium moving boxes for a reasonable price, such as 20 medium moving boxes for $40 and free shipping, or a group of 15 large moving boxes for about $45, which is cheaper than buying that many boxes separately. Shipping is usually free on moving box kits and the boxes arrive to you quickly.

How Can I Calculate How Many Moving Boxes I Will Need?

Moving Box Calculator

Not sure how many moving boxes you will need for your move? Why not try a moving box calculator? A moving box calculator helps you calculate how many boxes you will need for your move, which can make for a much smoother move and hopefully allow you to get as many, if not a few more, boxes than you will need. No one likes to run out of boxes when packing your home, which is why a moving box calculator is such a neat concept.

Do a simple Internet search for "moving box calculator" and pick one that interests you. Most likely you will be asked to input how many rooms you are moving, counting the attic and the garage as a room. From there you will be taken to a page that has recommendations for specific number of boxes you will need. For example, if you put you are moving three rooms, you will most likely see a recommendation that says you should have 24 medium boxes, 12 large boxes, 6 extra large boxes and then a few other accessories you will need for packing.

A moving box calculator can take some of the guesswork out of packing your home for a move.

Can I Order Moving Boxes Online?

Order Moving Boxes Online?

Don't feel like leaving the comfort of your home to hunt down free boxes or drive to the nearest moving store and purchase moving boxes? You can actually just sit down at your computer and order moving boxes online- for a price of course, but if you would rather not go anywhere and get boxes delivered directly to your door, ordering moving boxes online is probably a good choice for you.

Many moving company websites allow you to order moving boxes directly from their site, even if you aren't using the company for your move. If you are working with a specific moving company, you can log onto their website and price their moving boxes against any others you may find online. Do a quick search engine search for "moving boxes" to see what is available for order. Many sites offer free shipping or low shipping for your purchase and many places offer to buy back any boxes you may not use for your move, as long as you have a receipt for your purchase. That way, your boxes won't go to waste.

Make sure when ordering your moving boxes online that you have a general idea of how many boxes you will need and what sizes you will want, this will save a lot of time on the computer, time when you could be preparing for your upcoming move!

Where Can I Find Free Moving Boxes?

Free Moving Boxes

If you are not picky about where your moving boxes come from or if they have been used in the past, you are a candidate for using recycled or free moving boxes. Let's face it, a moving box can be used more than once, cardboard is a sturdy material and lasts for a long time, don't hesitate to use recycled boxes for your upcoming move.

One great place to search for free moving boxes in your area is at A site such as this has advertisements for free items- and lots of times these free items are boxes that someone wants to get rid of, but doesn't want to throw away. If you find used boxes on Freecycle, you simply pick them up at a designated location.

Another place to search for free moving boxes is through, which has a free item section. Search Craigslist in your area for free moving boxes today.

If you don't feel comfortable using the Internet for your free moving box search, try checking your local grocery store. Many grocery stores empty out several boxes in the early morning hours and many grocery stores will save boxes for you. You may have a grocery store that won't save boxes for you and instead will set out boxes each day for people to take. Either way, you can usually find free boxes at stores near you.


Make Moving Boxes Movable

Moving boxes are designed to help you pack, transport and keep your items safe. Using the appropriate moving boxes will make packing and unpacking easier and safe for the movers and your possessions.

How do I make my boxes strong?

Pack the Box Tight

When packing a box, wrap everything in separate packets and then crumble paper in the empty spaces, so that when you shake the box there in no movement inside. Waddling paper in the empty spaces will minimize shifting within the box.

Make sure you fill the box entirely. A half filled box will not stay true and will crumble when boxes are placed on top of it.

Where Can I Buy Moving Boxes?

Where to Buy Moving Boxes

If you are moving you have many choices as to where you can get moving boxes. Many people prefer to use boxes that aren't used and in perfect condition, which typically means the boxes must be purchased.

You can buy moving boxes in many different places. If you are using a moving company, you can contact that company and purchase boxes directly from the company. You can either go directly the company's place of business to place your order or order through a customer service phone number and have the boxes shipped directly to your home.

You can also check out major retail stores near you, large home improvement chains generally sell moving boxes you can purchase as well. Try checking the aisle that has packing tape and other items you may need if you were moving, such as packing paper and padding.

If you are renting a moving truck to load, drive and unload yourself, you can usually purchase moving boxes from the store in which you are picking up your moving truck or van. These stores should have much inventory to choose from and are great for getting boxes should you run out during your packing.

Many companies offer discounts on moving boxes if you are using that company to assist you in your move. Ask the company you are working with today for a discount on these much-needed items for your move.

What is a wardrobe box?

Wardrobe Moving Boxes

If you are moving and are just planning on throwing your clothes from your closet into a box, you may want to reconsider that decision. A wardrobe box is a wonderful box to have to pack your hanging clothes and transport them to your new home. These sturdy boxes come with a metal bar that hangs over the top of the box, which allows you to take your hanging items from your closet and hang in the box for moving. 24"x"24"X's" in size, these boxes aren't your typical box, stronger than a regular moving box because it has double the cardboard and is not supposed to bend under the weight of your clothes, a wardrobe box is a must for your move.

Make sure to purchase enough boxes, a large closet full of clothes will need many wardrobe boxes, but they are well worth the money- generally about $40 for three!

What are the Sizes of Moving Boxes?

Moving Box Sizes

Did you know that there are many different sizes of moving boxes? It's true, moving boxes come in all shapes and sizes and can be used for various packing needs.

You may need a book box for your books and if you do, you are in luck because there is actually a box made just for packing books. This box is not too big but perfect for packing small items that are heavy- something like a stack of books.

Just like clothes, moving boxes come in small, medium and large sizes. Small boxes are great for heavy items and are usually about 16''x12''x12" in size. Medium boxes are probably the most popular and most used sized box. A box this size is typically 18"x16"x16". Large boxes are the biggest size box for packing, but don't pack the heavy stuff in this big of a box- keep it filled with lightweight items or you could hurt yourself or the person doing the moving. Large boxes are usually 18"x18"x24".

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