Renting a Storage Garage

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What is a storage garage?

Renting a Storage Garage

Another way to store any items you may not need for your upcoming move or items that may not fit into your new home is to actually rent a storage garage. You can find storage garage rentals on the Internet, through billboard advertisements in your new city or the Yellow Pages in the phone book.

Renting a storage garage is easy; you simply contact the storage garage of your choice and pay them a deposit to rent the garage. Most moving storage garages charge a monthly rental fee depending on how large of a storage garage you need and the location of the garage. Once you have signed the necessary paperwork and paid any upfront fees, you will be given an access code that will allow you to get into the gated property. You will also either have a key code for your garage or an actual key that will open up your moving storage unit. Some storage garage's will ask you to rent the unit for a specific period of time and others will allow you to rent the garage on a month-to-month basis, allowing you to remove your belongings without any notice.

You will either be sent an invoice monthly to pay for your storage garage or you may be able to set up having the money automatically withdrawn from a bank account, it all depends on the storage unit and what the company prefers.



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