Self Storage Prices

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What are the costs of self storage?

Self Storage Prices

Storage units charge fees for different things. Some storage companies will charge for the following, which will be included in your monthly rental fee. Remember that your storage unit will cost more for a larger unit than it would for a smaller one. Additional fees may be due to the following:

Climate controlled storage units will incur an additional fee. Climate controlled units bring peace of mind to the people renting them, not having to worry about their belongings being exposed to cold or heat, instead these things are stored in a perfect temperature year round. This peace of mind will cost you extra.

Some storage facilities will charge you and additional fee for accessing your items in your rental unit. This isn't a common occurrence, but some companies do tack on additional fees for visiting your storage rental more than a specific number of times each month. Read over your contract agreement carefully to check for any additional fees such as this.

Remember, just because a storage unit is advertising cheap rates, it doesn't always mean it is the best way to go for storing your items. The same goes with the most expensive storage company, paying more doesn't always mean you get the best. Do some research before deciding on what works for you.



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