What Can be Stored in Self Storage?

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What can be stored in self storage?

What Can be Stored in Self Storage?

Keep in mind when storing items in self storage that there are some things that you can store and others you can't. You can store the following things in self storage, as long as they are packed correctly and the temperature isn't too extreme that it may cause damage to your items.

  • Your computer may be stored in a self storage garage. Just make sure it is packed well and it doesn't get too hot or too cold.
  • Your furniture may be stored
  • Coats and clothing, as long as they are packaged in containers where nothing can get in them
  • Your bed frames and mattress
  • Your television or other household electronics
You may not store explosives or flammable items in most storage garages. You also will not want to put live things into storage, especially your pets.



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