Relocating Checklist

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What is a relocation checklist?

Relocating Checklist

Having a checklist when relocating can be helpful to prepare yourself for your upcoming move. You can find a relocation checklist on the Internet to print off and keep handy. Most checklists will have what to do before your move and the best time to do it.

About six weeks before your move you will want to get a written estimate on how much a moving company will charge to move you. If you aren't using a moving company, you will want something on paper from a self-moving or Upack company.

About one month before your relocation date, you will want to give notice that you are moving and cancellation dates for health clubs, YMCA memberships, and any utilities for your home to be shut off. You will also want to prepare your bank for transferring your funds should that be necessary. Don't forget to do a change of address form as well. You can do this either online or at your local post office.

About two weeks before you relocate you will confirm with the moving company your moving dates and times, make sure packing is almost complete and dump or donate anything you won't be taking with you. This helps de-clutter and keeps you from moving items you never use to your new home.

Typically a checklist such as this is much more detailed and informative. Try doing a search engine search for "relocation or moving checklist" to find one that works for you.



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