Relocating Information

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How can I find information on my new city?

Relocating Information

If you are moving to a new city you will probably want to learn as much as possible about that city beforehand. If you aren't sure whom to contact to receive relocation information, try starting with your new city's Chamber of Commerce. Do a search engine search on the Internet or find the Chamber's phone number in a phone book and call them. Request information on the city, ask about schools, restaurants, shopping and homes in the area. Many Chambers' have brochures and will mail them to you at your request.

If you are having trouble finding a Chamber of Commerce, ask the real estate agent you are working with. Real estate companies usually have a comprehensive list of information you will need when relocating to their city. If for some reason your realtor hasn't offered this type of information, ask her about it. She should be able to put together some information for you.



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