Relocating with Pets

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What should I know about relocating with my pet?

Relocating with Pets

If you have a pet that you plan on bringing with you during a relocation move, you need to remember that you can't pack your pet up and ship it on the moving truck or van. Your pet will need to travel with you via whatever mode of transportation you are traveling. If you are expecting a long car ride and your pet doesn't travel well in the car, you may want to speak to your current veterinarian about giving your pet something to relax him.

If you are flying to your new home you will need to check your pet in with the airline and your pet will need to travel in a crate in an area where animals are placed. Again, you may wish to check with your current vet about any medication your pet may need to ensure a relaxing flight for all.

Traveling by truck or car with your pet? Make sure that you have your pet on a leash for all stops you must make, and remember- your pet will have to go, so make stops more frequent when traveling with your dog or cat.

Remember that regardless of how you are traveling with your pet to your new home, your pet needs proper identification, just in case he would be separated from you. The one thing you won't want to lose in your move is a treasured dog, cat or other pet.



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