Shipping Expensive Artwork

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We have an oversized oil painting we would like to ship from Utah to Michigan. The painting is worth about $20,000. What is the cheapest safest shipping option for something like this?

Shipping Expensive Artwork

If you have an expensive piece of artwork that needs to be shipped or transported to a new location, you will want to make sure this precious item ships to its new location safely. It will be in your best interest to find a mover or shipping company that understands the value of your art. Using a professional moving company or shipping company will be a little more expensive but well worth it to protect your investment. Make sure you are very clear about the value of the art and ask about insurance on your package. You will want to make sure if anything happens to the art, it is insured for the entire appraised value of the piece.

*Make sure the art is package securely in bubble wrap. If the piece has recently been painted, cleaned, or refinished you will want to make sure it is completely dry, so you will not get any imprints from the bubble wrap on your work of art.

*It is a good investment to purchase a wood crate to ship and store your artwork in. Depending on the size of the piece of art, you may need to have one custom built to ensure the art fits properly and can be packaged well to protect your piece of art.

*Make sure everyone who will be handling the artwork understands and knows the value of the art. If the movers/shippers know the contents and the value of the package, they will be more likely to careful to protect it.



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