Label, Number, And Itemize Boxes Properly

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How can I make sure I get everything from one location to another?

Label, Number, And Itemize Boxes Properly

Labeling your boxes properly is one of the most important details of long distance relocation. Make sure you print your name, contents of the box, and number all boxes, so you can confirm you have received all boxes, and you can identify if any box is missing upon delivery. Have your moving company give you an itemized inventory sheet of all your items on the truck.

Make sure you have your reference number when calling the long distance relocation company for questions or concerns. You will also be asked to sign the bill of lading and pack/unpack certificate, when the move is finished. Speak with your relocation representative about problems or concerns before they leave your new location. This will help ensure all your possessions make the relocation.

If you are using a larger moving company your items maybe put in and out of a warehouse on there way to you and they will most likely be put on a truck with other movers loads. The better labeled your boxes and items are the better your chances of getting everything that belongs to you.

Related Tip: By signing the inventory sheet after your move, you acknowledge receipt of all items listed on the inventory sheet. Make sure you document any loss or damage on the inventory sheet and report this to the relocation company, immediately.



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