Wardrobe Moving Boxes

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What is a wardrobe box?

Wardrobe Moving Boxes

If you are moving and are just planning on throwing your clothes from your closet into a box, you may want to reconsider that decision. A wardrobe box is a wonderful box to have to pack your hanging clothes and transport them to your new home. These sturdy boxes come with a metal bar that hangs over the top of the box, which allows you to take your hanging items from your closet and hang in the box for moving. 24"x"24"X's" in size, these boxes aren't your typical box, stronger than a regular moving box because it has double the cardboard and is not supposed to bend under the weight of your clothes, a wardrobe box is a must for your move.

Make sure to purchase enough boxes, a large closet full of clothes will need many wardrobe boxes, but they are well worth the money- generally about $40 for three!



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