Moving Box Sizes

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What are the Sizes of Moving Boxes?

Moving Box Sizes

Did you know that there are many different sizes of moving boxes? It's true, moving boxes come in all shapes and sizes and can be used for various packing needs.

You may need a book box for your books and if you do, you are in luck because there is actually a box made just for packing books. This box is not too big but perfect for packing small items that are heavy- something like a stack of books.

Just like clothes, moving boxes come in small, medium and large sizes. Small boxes are great for heavy items and are usually about 16''x12''x12" in size. Medium boxes are probably the most popular and most used sized box. A box this size is typically 18"x16"x16". Large boxes are the biggest size box for packing, but don't pack the heavy stuff in this big of a box- keep it filled with lightweight items or you could hurt yourself or the person doing the moving. Large boxes are usually 18"x18"x24".



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