Driving Your Rental Truck Long Distance

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What should I know about driving my truck long distance?

Driving Your Rental Truck Long Distance

Are you renting a moving truck with the intention of driving it a long distance? The following tips may help you when driving that rental truck and make it as smooth as possible.

  • Before driving, sit in the truck and get the feel of it, look around and check out all of its bells and whistles. Simply finding where everything is before embarking on a trip can make driving the truck much smoother.
  • Remember that trucks that are larger will make wider turns and take longer to stop. Take this into account when driving.
  • How tall your truck is, is an important thing to remember. Low clearances may affect you, as the truck may be too tall to fit under it. Knowing how tall the truck is before embarking on your journey can save a huge hassle.
  • Does your rental truck take diesel fuel or regular gas? If it takes diesel, make sure you know ahead of time some gas stations that carry diesel fuel of which you can stop at on your trip- not every gas station offers diesel fuel.
There are many other things to take into account when driving a rental truck, especially when driving one a long distance. Make sure you read all documents given to you ahead of time and make sure to have your trip well mapped out before you begin!



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