How to Rent a Moving Truck

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How do I rent a moving truck?

How to Rent a Moving Truck

Before you move you'll need to rent a moving truck. Are you confused about how to go about doing this?

First you will want to determine how big of a truck rental you need. Jot down all the rooms of your home and any large items that must be moved. Then compare that to the trucks that are offered for rent at each company you are considering.

Second, compare prices for as many companies as possible for the prices of the truck you wish to reserve. Which company offers you the best deal? Does the company offer extras for a minimal fee or are they charging you an outrageous amount for accessories?

Third, decide which company you wish to go with. Once you have done this you can either reserve the truck online through the company website, or you can call the customer service number given to you to reserve the truck you need.

You will need your credit card as payment and you will most likely be charged a reservation fee or a deposit, which with many companies is refunded when the truck is returned safely and in good shape after the move is complete.



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