Relocation Expenses

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What are some moving/relocation expenses I should anticipate?

Relocation Expenses

If you are subject to relocation for work or other reasons, the first thing to consider is expense. Will your employer pay for a part or all of your expenses for relocation services? According to the Employee Relocation Council, some companies have recently given relocation packages in amounts up to $50,000 for homeowners and 14,000 for renters. But in today's market, many corporations are now declining to offer financial relocation help. Here is a relocation list of expenses you may encounter:

  • Boxing and loading your belongings
  • Driving the moving truck
  • Storage
  • Mileage for the rental truck
  • Shipping a vehicle or belongings
  • Unloading your belongings
  • Personal travel expenses (airfare, gas, food, lodging, phone calls)

Whether you're moving/relocation expenses are paid by your company or you are footing the bill for house relocation or rental relocation, there are companies that offer savings. U-Pack provides corporate and residential programs that offer savings by letting the customer do the packing while U-Pack does the driving. There are many optional services, which in the end allow the customer to set the budget.



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