Packing Big Items

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How can I pack big items?

Packing Big Items

If you are doing a self move you will need to pack your big items. A general rule of thumb is to pack the following big items in your home:

  • Bed or bed frame: It is best to take apart your mattress and box spring from the bed frame. Experts recommend tying the pieces of your bed frame, two at a time, together. Make sure to put labels on each piece as to where it goes when assembling the bed again.
  • Table: Your kitchen or dining room table may come apart. This is really helpful when moving it. Take the legs off the table and wrap with bubble wrap, pack in a box if it fits. If the legs don't fit, tie or tape the legs to the tabletop. You can even tape the screws and bolts to the bottom of the tabletop so that you don't lose them.
  • Appliances: Most people leave their stoves and dishwashers when moving, but many take their fridge. If you are moving a refrigerator, make sure you start the process well in advance. Remove all food, defrost the freezer and drain any excess water. Remove any drawers to keep them from sliding out. Once that is done, protect any blades by covering with a towel. Then wrap the fridge in blankets and tie them.
These are just some of the big items you may be moving in a do-it-yourself move. If you are moving a large item that isn't listed here and aren't sure how to pack it appropriately, try doing an Internet search for packing and that specific item's name.



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