Pre-move Yard Sale

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How can I get rid of excess items before my move?

Pre-move Yard Sale

If do it yourself moving is in your future, do yourself a big favor and begin by paring down your possessions to only those things you'll need or want in your new home. Grab some large boxes, write down a moving checklist and put away any unnecessary items. About a week or two before your big move, plan to have a yard sale. Not only is this a great way to get rid of excess stuff, it's a boost for your budget as well.

Make fliers or post an ad on the Internet to announce your sale. It's best to pick a non-holiday weekend for your sale to improve chances of more people coming. Hold your sale on Saturday and Sunday, and plan to mark down prices on your items either all day Sunday or during the last few hours.

Think of preparations for your yard sale as the first phase of your packing process. Removing and unloading what you don't need is an excellent way to get a fresh start on your new life.



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