Using the Right Boxes

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What boxes are right for my move?

Using the Right Boxes

There's nothing worse than broken boxes or injured backs during a move. Here's some moving advice: you can avoid these problems by choosing the right moving boxes for the job. Here are a few tips for typical household items:

Books aren't all that difficult to pack, but when you pile a lot of them to one box, the weight starts adding up. Use small, sturdy boxes to box up books. If you are going to use a larger box, be sure to mark it with the word "HEAVY" so that your movers are aware of the carton's weight.

Whenever possible, add a cushioning layer between your plates to avoid breakage during the move. Keep the box small enough so that there is not a lot of space around the circumference of the plates. An easy tip is to layer hand towels between the plates, and use other soft items around the sides for extra protection.

Always wrap bottles of soap, shampoo, or other liquid items in plastic bags before packing them in their boxes. This will help avoid damage and leakage during the move. Any box will be fine to use, but it's best to keep the boxes on the small side so that there is minimal jostling during your move.



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