Packing AND Moving Your Own Appliance

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How do I clean out my kitchen appliance prior to the move?

Packing AND Moving Your Own Appliance

When you are preparing to move and relocate your appliance. It is a good idea to clean out your appliance before your pack them and let them dry out completely.

Toaster: Tip the toaster upside down to empty out all the crumbs out of the toaster.

Refrigerator and Freezer: Should be cleaned out really well before moving them. To prevent the fridge from smelling use one of these tips: wipe out the fridge with a damp cloth with vanilla essence, dry out the fridge with a hair dryer especially the corners, and/or put silica gel in the fresh department or fine blend coffee in a piece of muslin, these will soak up any extra moisture. When you have cleaned out the fridge and defrosted the frigeratorfreezer keep the doors slightly open to keep the air circulating just before you move them.



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