A Bigger Moving Van is Better

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What size rental van should I rent?

A Bigger Moving Van is Better

After you decide that you are going to move yourself, and you make some phone calls to round up some helpers, next you need to rent a van. The next question is "What size should you rent?”

When you are deciding on moving truck size several factors come into consideration: distance between locations, how many people will be helping, whether there are other vehicles being used for the move, time frame, and pricing.

If you have the option, always take the larger size moving van. It is easier to pack up and load one truck and drive to your new location then spending all your time driving back and forth. Another reason to go for the larger size is that there are always more items then you expect to load in the van and often packing the van and larger items maybe take up a lot of the room you had planned for some boxes or other items.

So the bigger the van the less traveling time, number of trips, and manpower involved.



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