Tips For Relocating Your Automobile

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What do I have to do before the movers pick up my car?

Tips For Relocating Your Automobile

Once you have found a company to move your automobile to your new location, you have to prepare your car for the move. The following tips will help make sure your vehicle will arrive at the destination location safely.
* Empty out all of your personal possessions and documents including those stored in the trunk of car. Many companies are not insured for damage or loss of personal goods.
* For larger RVs or mobile homes batten down the hatches and make sure everything is as secure as possible!
* Make sure you have enough antifreeze in the engine and that your battery is fixed in place.
* If your vehicle is going by transporter or trailer empty out most of your fuel. In some countries car transporters are weighed at checkpoints and they can be delayed or fined for being overweight. Losing a bit of fuel can be a real help!
* If you have customized your vehicle at all with special aerials, antennae, and spoilers, remove them or make sure they are secure for the move. You want to make your vehicle as streamlined as possible to avoid knocks and damage.
* Disable/Turn off your car alarm systems.



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