Make Moving Boxes Movable

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How heavy should my boxes be?

Make Moving Boxes Movable

Moving Boxes come in a variety of types and styles. There are small, medium, and large boxes, as well as item specific boxes such as:

- wardrobe boxes for clothing on hangers

- dish packs for your kitchenware and breakables

- picture boxes for your framed pictures

- book boxes for heavy books and photo albums

- TV and electronic boxes for electronics and media items, file boxes for your desk files, and lamp boxes for lamps and shades.

When choosing box sizes for your move, make sure you use the right boxes for the appropriate material. You don't want to load up a large box with books and heavy objects. You want the boxes to be no more then 25-30 lbs each to make it easier for the movers to handle.

Heavier boxes are easier to drop. Keep your boxes on the lighter side to prevent your possessions from falling and getting damaged.



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