Packing for a Do-it-Yourself Move

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Are there some moving/packing tips that will make moving easier?

Packing for a Do-it-Yourself Move

If you are packing for a move and you like to save money, here are some moving and packing tips for do-it-yourself moving:

  • Make a packing checklist with a timeline of everything you need to accomplish.
  • Decide which kind of self pack move you want to do. If you hire laborers to move your boxes, figure on living with boxes or packing quickly. Another option is to rent a moving pod and pack as you go while your boxes are stored in a secure container on your driveway.
  • If you rent a moving truck, find out if the rental company has a list of packing tips for moving.
  • Figure out what kinds of packing supplies you'll need. Your moving company may offer moving/packing supplies at a discount.
  • De-clutter when you are packing to move. Keep boxes in each room to hold donations and throw-aways.
  • Pack moving containers with heavier items in small boxes. Load heavy items in boxes first, with lighter items on top.
  • Use packing materials, clothing, or linens to fill empty space between breakables and electronics.
  • Leave clothing and linens in drawers to make packing to move easier.
  • Label boxes according to room and contents. Record them on a moving packing list and check them off the packing list when you unpack.
  • Keep your packing list form with you when you travel to your new home.



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