Moving Truck Rental Details

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What are some details to know before I rent a moving truck?

Moving Truck Rental Details

Don't forget about the small details when you rent a moving truck:

  • Be sure you get the right size, especially if you are getting a long-distance moving truck rental or one way truck rental.
  • For one way truck rentals, have contact information and a physical address for the return facility.
  • Remember your driver's license, proof of insurance, credit card, and deposit when you pick up the truck.
  • Find out the exact time the truck needs to be returned before the next business day begins. If you are late, you may be charged for an extra day.
  • Be sure you have the proper insurance to cover your belongings if an accident occurs.
  • Know the height of the moving truck to ensure overpass clearance on roadways. Find out ahead of time if the moving company will map a specific route for tall vehicles.



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