U-Pack for Savings

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Why go with U-Pack over a moving truck rental?

U-Pack for Savings

Here are some good reasons to go with U-Pack for your move:

  • Renting U-Pack trailers and Relo-Cubes saves money over hiring a full-service mover to pack and load your belongings.
  • U-Pack prices are comparable to any moving truck rental.
  • Even with the cheapest moving truck rentals, there's the worry of driving a large truck. With U-Pack, professional drivers get your belongings to your new home with safety.
  • Fuel, taxes, and driving are included in U-Pack prices.
  • U-Pack provides customers with an accurate estimate before the move.
  • U-Pack does not charge by weight, but by trailer or cube size.
  • If you don't have to drive the truck, you can take your time getting to your new home.
  • U-Pack containers are dropped off at your new home and picked up at a later, predetermined time.



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