Apartment Moving Checklist

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What is there to know about apartment relocation?

Apartment Moving Checklist

Use these tips on moving if you are planning an apartment relocation:

  • If you are already living in an apartment, find out the exact date your lease is up and start searching for an apartment months in advance to avoid the hassle of extending your lease or paying rent in both places when you move.
  • Look around to see if the apartment is in a convenient location with public transportation, grocery stores, and good schools.
  • Measure to see if the apartment big enough to accommodate your belongings.
  • Is there a place to park your vehicle? It's good to know if you will have a dedicated spot or if parking is first come, first serve.
  • If you have pets, be sure the lease includes pets.
  • Ask about the cost of living in the apartment. Consider deposit, rent, utilities, parking, cable or satellite installation, and any additional fees that may apply to moving in and getting set up in the new apartment.
  • Do some research on relocation movers, and get some estimates for your move.
  • Ask residents if the landlord is accommodating.
  • Find out about laundry facilities.
  • Inspect the building for safety and upkeep. Is there adequate security? Are hallways and common areas clean and well maintained?



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