Moving In

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Are there any helpful tips for moving in?

Moving In

If you are looking for house moving tips, moving in tips, or a moving tips checklist, there is a wealth of information on the Internet to help you move into a new house with ease. Here are some tips for moving in from the experts:

  • Make a list of important new telephone numbers, addresses, and emergency contacts for the refrigerator, and have it ready to post when you arrive.
  • You will probably want to clean or paint your new home, unless the previous owner or builder already did so. Make arrangements before the moving truck arrives. If you rent moving pods, you can store your belongings in your driveway or parking spot while you work.
  • Have a plan. Do you want every single box moved into the house or do you prefer to unpack as you go? You should hire the appropriate type of mover based on your needs or plan to house your belongings in a storage space or garage.
  • Before you arrive, have a layout of your home that includes furniture placement. If you are moving right in, the movers will know where everything goes without having to ask.
  • Have all the tools you need to put furniture and shelving in place.
  • When you arrive, be sure your appliances, gas, electricity, and water pressure are in working order.
  • Take care of important details like the cat box, outfitting the bathrooms with tissue, soap and towels, and finding a spot where the kids can play.
  • Set up bedrooms first. You need a place to sleep more than you need a formal dining room or sewing room.



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