Checklist for Moving

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What are some things I'll need for moving?

Checklist for Moving

If you plan to relocate, use this moving checklist to be sure you have the supplies you need:

  • Boxes: You will need plenty of sturdy boxes in different sizes. Moving supply companies can estimate how many boxes you need, depending on square footage and number of rooms in your home.
  • Bubble wrap, packing peanuts, newspaper, air-filled bags: Be sure to get supplies to protect your valuables. You can also buy special wrapping for dinnerware, glasses, artwork, and electronics. Use the recommended packing fillers for each type of item to avoid damage.
  • Tape: Buy a supply of quality packing tape. Good tape will keep boxes from breaking open - don't skimp.
  • Labels: - Labeling each box according to room will make unpacking easier. You may also want to buy labels that give special instructions, like FRAGILE or THIS SIDE UP. Make your own or buy pre-printed labels for convenience.
  • Markers: Have enough markers on-hand to write on boxes and labels.
  • Box cutter: Keep one handy at all times, even while packing.
  • Pad and pen: You may want to jot down details, phone numbers, or ideas during packing or unpacking.
  • A supply box for your tape, labels, box cutter, pens, and markers.
  • Cash: Reserve money for pizza delivery or carry-out food while you pack!



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