Hiring the Right Movers for Your Needs

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How can I know what company is the best moving company for my needs?

Hiring the Right Movers for Your Needs

When it's time to move, there are many options available. If you want the job done right, be sure to hire the best moving company to meet your needs. Here are some things to think about before you decide:

  • If you are leaving the area, hire movers that specialize in long-distance moves. A local moving company may not be prepared to move your belongings cross-country or they may charge an exorbitant fee to make the drive and return trip.
  • Are you getting ready for an international move? If so, find a moving company that has the resources to get your belongings to your new home.
  • Is there a special student mover service for small jobs like moving in and out of a dorm? Perhaps you don't want to do the job yourself - you'll need to find a company that charges the appropriate price for a small job.
  • Do you own a piano or other large item? Check to see if the moving company can handle everything in your home. Cheap movers or basic furniture movers may not be prepared for anything other than boxes and standard-sized furniture. It's more convenient to hire one company than to hire professional movers and piano movers.
  • Does the moving company offer insurance to move each type of item you own? You'll want to make sure you are covered in case something is broken, damaged, or stolen.
  • Is the company established enough to supply everything you need? If you are a do-it-yourselfer, keep in mind that you need furniture dollies, moving blankets, ramps, boxes, and packing materials.



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