Moving Companies and GPS Tracking

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What is GPS tracking and what is the benefit when I move?

Moving Companies and GPS Tracking

Packing up your life and sending it down the road to new home can be a worrisome endeavor. Not knowing where your belongings are located or if they are safe can cause anxiety and frustration. Hiring a reputable company can put your mind at ease, especially if the company offers a security measure like GPS tracking.

GPS fleet tracking is now being used by many reputable movers around the country. With GPS tracking, a unit is installed in a vehicle. It allows a central base station to find out the exact location of that vehicle. A good mover will offer 24-hour service so you can find out if your belongings are safe and being delivered on time.

One benefit to tracking is being able to find out about traffic delays or mishaps as they occur, so you can plan accordingly. Safety is another feature of using GPS. This type of tracking gives a record of the status of your home furnishings and personal items, which can be a factor in lower transport insurance premiums.



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