You-Pack Moving Vs. Truck Rental

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What is the difference between hiring a you-pack moving service vs. truck rental?

You-Pack Moving Vs. Truck Rental

Here are the differences between you-pack rentals for moving and truck rentals:

  • With a you-pack rental, you don't have to live with boxes while you pack. Boxes can be taken directly to a secure moving pod or trailer until moving day.
  • You don't have to drive when you hire you-pack moving services. Your belongings will be transported to your new home while you travel at your own pace.
  • With truck rental, costs may be higher than the original estimate, depending on gas, mileage, and time spent moving. You may also be charged for getting the moving truck back to the original location.
  • If you rent a truck, you'll be charged additionally to rent a trailer if you are moving a vehicle with your belongings.
  • Some you-pack companies charge according to trailer size and a pre-contracted transport fee.
  • There are good you-pack companies that offer 24-hour tracking, insurance, and expert advice for your move. There's no worry about truck breakdowns, bad weather, or accidents when you leave the driving to the professionals.



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