Moving Box Tips

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What is there to know about moving boxes?

Moving Box Tips

If you plan to relocate, follow these tips before you buy moving boxes:

  • Invest in quality boxes for moving. Sturdy cardboard moving boxes will protect your belongings.
  • Avoid buying cheap, flimsy moving boxes.
  • Used moving boxes can sometimes be unreliable. The cardboard and glue that holds the seams can become weak after each use. It's better to buy quality boxes than to rely on free moving boxes that may not be safe.
  • You will need a variety of box sizes. Some moving companies and box suppliers offer moving bundles based on the number of rooms you have to pack.
  • Buy several small boxes for moving heavier items, like books, to avoid injury caused by lifting.
  • Look for moving boxes for sale that are designed for specific items, like hanging clothes, dishes, files, and appliances.
  • Be sure your packing materials are appropriate for each type of item you pack.
  • Find a company that will deliver boxes to your door.
  • Shop smart - look for discounts on moving boxes, supplies, and tape. When reserving online, some moving companies will give prices comparable to wholesale moving boxes.



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