Budget Truck Rentals

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How can I get a budget truck rental?

Budget Truck Rentals

A budget truck rental is a great way to save more during your moving or relocating process. One way to get a budget truck rental is to try to plan your move during a time when rental moving trucks aren't quite as expensive. If you can do your move during the week, from a Monday to a Thursday, you can save money on your rental truck. Rental truck companies generally raise the prices on their rental vehicles on the weekends because that is when the trucks are most in demand- it is easier for many people to move on a weekend so they don't have to take time off of work and it is easier for them to get help from friends for loading and unloading. If you can set up your move for a weekday, you can save some money.

Try to rent your moving truck as far in advance as possible and reserve it on the Internet. Many companies offer deals for those who rent early and reserve their rental truck online. You can sometimes save yourself 20% or more on your moving truck rental when you reserve it this way.

Another way to save money on your moving truck rental or moving van is to move in the winter. Yes, moving in the winter months can be a pain but many rental truck companies offer discounts on their trucks during winter time, simply because it is a slower rental time and they are trying to get as much business as possible during a sluggish time, thus offering discounts to those who move during the colder months. Moving in the winter isn't possible for everyone, but if you can plan far enough ahead and are able to do so, you may want to think about moving in the winter to save yourself some money.



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