What to Pack Last

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What should I pack last?

What to Pack Last

There are certain things you want to pack last, in order to make sure you have the necessary items you need to live day-to-day when everything else is packed into the moving truck.

Pack your toiletries in a separate box that is clearly marked. You will want to take this box with you so that you have the things you will need to get ready each morning. Keep pain relievers and other first aid supplies separated as well.

You will want to pack your coffee maker (if you are a coffee drinker) last, so that you can get to it first. Pack cleaning supplies last as well; you will want to clean when you arrive at your new place, so make these items easily accessible in the moving truck.

Pack kid toys and bedroom furniture last as well. Setting up your child's room first can help her feel more at home in her new place- just knowing her things are all there for her to enjoy.

Make sure when packing and loading these items that you have them clearly labeled as "Load Last" so that they aren't placed on the truck until the end.



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