How to Pack

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What is the best way to go about packing for a move?

How to Pack

Packing your home for a move has its perks, you are completely in control of the entire process, which means you can pack how you like and when you like. If you are aware of some general packing tips you can pack your home in a no time flat!

When packing, pack only one room at a time. Don't start one room and then go to another. Stick with one room and pack that entire room until the room is completely packed.

Go through all desk and cupboard drawers and pack any of those items. Do this when you first start packing a room; take care of the drawers first.

Pack your heavy items in smaller boxes rather than stuffing many heavy items into a huge box. Small boxes are easier to carry even when filled with a heavy item.

When packing a box make sure the heavy items are on the bottom and the lighter things on top.



7/9/2009 3:56:52 PM
Lindsay said:

Impossible to completely pack one room then another unless you pack and move the same day. Majority of people are living in a house/apartment for 30-60 days before you move - not your best advice i believe


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