What Not to Pack

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What things can't go on a moving truck?

What Not to Pack

There are a few things you must not pack when moving, either a do-it-yourself move or a move where you pack and someone else drives for you, you must not put the following items on the moving truck.

Explosives or flammable items such as: aerosols, acids, ammunition, propane tanks, matches and motor oil. The list for this type of item is extensive; you should check with the moving company or rental truck company for a complete list of items.

Perishable items such as: food, plants and animals. Food that is perishable can be packed in a cooler and driven by you to your new home; moving companies rarely take food that is perishable. Plants need air to breath, grow and live, and the inside of a moving truck is not conducive to this, therefore no live plants on moving trucks. Of course your animals should never be packed and sent on a moving truck, all pets should travel with you in your vehicle.

Some moving companies may agree to move your perishables if you are going a short distance, check with the moving company to find out their rules on this subject.



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