Packing Odd Shaped or Bulky Items

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How can I pack odd shaped items?

Packing Odd Shaped or Bulky Items

Everyone has those odd shaped items that they wonder how they will ever pack to move it. Things such as: bulky chairs, your lawn mower, your patio furniture and your bicycle. Is there even an appropriate way to pack all of these things? Expert movers recommend the following:

  • Bulky chairs should be wrapped in bubble wrap around the arms and legs and then moved. If you want extra protection, wrap the chair in a blanket as well.
  • Lawn mowers technically won't be packed, but you can't move a lawn mower on a moving truck with the gasoline in it. Please empty all the gas from the mower and double-check your mower for any leaks. You can then pack it in your truck.
  • Patio furniture is bulky, but it probably can be taken apart, wrapped in bubble wrap and then put back together at your new home.
  • Your bike is an odd shaped item to pack. Experts suggest that you loosen the handlebars on the bike and then cover the bike with blankets to keep it from being damaged and damaging other items.



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