Packing Small Things

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How should I pack small appliances?

Packing Small Things

Packing big things may seem difficult and people may worry more about getting the large items packed appropriately and forget about packing small items the correct way. It is important to pack small items the right way to ensure that they arrive safely at your new home.

  • Pack any small appliances in the original box. Didn't save that box? You can purchase small appliance boxes at retail stores or moving stores that should fit most small appliances. Make sure you wrap the appliance as well.
  • Books should be packed in a box securely without the box exceeding 30 pounds. Anything over that is just too heavy for lifting safely and too heavy to keep the box from breaking.
  • Your collectibles, such as Precious Moments, Lladro or even baseball cards should be wrapped with plenty of padding or put back in original boxes and then packed in box with "top load" written on it so that nothing is set on top of the box, thus potentially causing damage to your items.
  • Kitchen dishes and china will need each piece individually wrapped with lots of padding on the bottom of each box the dishware will go in. Don't set the dishes flat inside the box, instead put the plates on their sides and put the bowls and glasses around them.



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